Wed 09.06.2010    09:00

June 13-15, 1990 - Heated Minds >> Wednesday, June 9th, 20h00, Studio 2

June 13-15 1990 is a recent history research and performance project, wishing to offer its audience an act of restitution of collective and subjective memory. June 13-15 events marked a time of major social and political conflict with major negative consequences in the ongoing depreciation of an already fragile Romanian democracy, by further dividing civil society and adulterating civic commitment.
The project has 2 dimensions: a visual archive with interviews, gathering those who participated in the events, and a documentary theatre performance.
There are at least two or three versions of the events – June 13-15 1990, which appear to be self consistent, but are utterly incompatible to each other. No further information is available which would allow establishing the historical truth, prosecutions or at least the study of the functioning of the system which produced these events. All we can do about that muddled piece of history is to listen to depositions of the witnesses, discover their impact both on themselves and on post-'89 Romanian society at large and – following Santayana's warning: “those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it” – remember the psychological and physical harm it inflicted upon all involved.