Sat 19.09.2009    16:30

James, Saturday, 19th of September, 16:30h, The Round Hall

“James” is a piece about “love”, about the simple things in life, about people who can show that life is in many ways. Above all, life can be simple, a game, a beautiful morning, friendship……
The piece starts with the three performers on stage, each one having a solo, in its own space. They meet, at one point conceived as a street moment where people meet involuntary, and continue as a trio. After that, the boy and one of the girls get together in a duet, with a romantic atmosphere that ends with a brake up. The following moment is a new duet with the two girls, performed on the wall behind the stage, girls starting “up side down”, and finishing it with a walk that involves, also, the guy, each following his own direction, until the guy and the other girl meet and start another duet, based on violent moves, misunderstanding, unfinished intentions. It ends with a brake up. The last part is similar to the beginning, we see the three characters performing solos and each one is alone in his own imaginary space.
It all started as a game. Three good friends getting together to create a dance performance. And they’ve started to work. First, they thought about the technical part, how to create duets, trios, solos, without giving the sense of specific relationships. How to “put into page” 2 girls and 1 boy and still give the feeling that the work is not about 1 guy who gets involved with each of the girls. Impossible. It all became a story about people that can’t get together, who choose to stay miserable in there solitudes, solitude they never wished for.

Silvia Călin graduated Choreography High School from Bucharest (1995) and The University of Theatre and Cinema, choreography diploma in 2000. She joined “Orion Ballet” as a dancer between 1996 -1999. In 2000 she was rewarded with the 1st prize for her piece „Şi acum...?” at Eurodans International Festival. She attended workshops with: Pascaline Verrier, Pascal Allio, Christine Bastin, and signed the choreography for theater plays as „Viata lui Helge” & „Top Dogs” by Teodora Herghelegiu, assistant choreographer for “Dorian Gray” by Dragoş Galgoţiu, main choreographer Răzvan Mazilu. She created the choreography for „Epopeea lui Ghilgameş” by Dragoş Galgoţiu.

Andreea Duţă, graduated Choreography High School from Bucharest (1994) and The National University of Theatre and Cinematography, specialized in choreography (1999). She was part of Contemp Dance Company till 1998, and since then independent dancer and choreographer.
Developed her activity in festivals and artistic tours in Spain, England, Japan, Greece, USA, with Sarah Bild, Vava Ştefănescu, Liliana Iorgulescu, Ioana Macarie, Silvia Călin and attended workshops with Wayne McGregor, Russel Maliphant, Paulo Henrique, Margarida Bettencourt, Frederic Lescure, Pascal Allio, and many more. She signed the choreography for theater plays such as “Arabian Night” , “Suntem 4 facem teatru” by Theodora Herghelegiu, “Vitamines” , “You can buy me with a coffee” by Ana Mărgineanu, “Elisaveta Bam” by A. Tocilescu, play rewarded with UNITER prize for best performance of the year 2007.