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Isidore Isou – a lettrist performance by Loré Lixenberg & Frédéric Acquaviva

The 2017 season begins with an evening dedicated to Isidore Isou!

The first event of the year at the National Centre for Dance in Bucharest (CNDB) is dedicated to Romanian-born French artist Isidore Isou, the founder of lettrism, an artistic, ideological and philosophical movement launched by him towards the end of the 1940’s, in Paris.

Thursday, February 23, at 7.30 PM, Isidore Isou is both protagonist and subject of a lettrist performance made by British mezzo-soprano Loré Lixenberg and the French composer Frédéric Acquaviva. The event will take place at the Stere Popescu Hall on Mără
șești Boulevard, 80-82.

Tickets cost 35 lei (full price) or 20 lei (reduced) and cand be purchased online, from, or from the Stere Popescu Hall, before the show.

The evening
’s programme:

► Film by Orson Welles with Isidore Isou

Length: 2 min

- Around the world in Saint-Germain des Prés

Extract of a documentary by Orson Welles, filmed at Librairie Fischbacher, Paris, 1955
With Isidore Isou, Maurice Lemaître, Jacques Spacagna, Orson Welles


► „Isidore Isou – Lettrist Recital” (Romanian premiere)

Performer: Loré Lixenberg

Length: 30 min

- Neige (1950)

- Cris pour 5.000.000 de juifs égorgés (1947)

- Recherches pour un poème en prose pure (1950)

- Opus aphonistique n°1 (1959)

- Poème aphoniste à fonctionnelle (1984)



„Symphony n°4 : Juvenal” by Isidore Isou (2001)

Live spatialisation on multiple speakers

Orchestrated, produced by Frédéric Acquaviva in 2003

Legth: 62 min

Composer and voice: Isidore Isou

Solo voice: Maria Faustino

Choir: Jean-Baptiste Beck, Silva Gabriela Béju, Alain Bertaud, Nicole Brenez, Broutin, Jacques Chaumeix, Camille Cholain, Catherine Cousin, Lucienne Deschamps, Maria Faustino, Sylvain Monségu, Eric Monsinjon, Francois Poyet, Helene Richol, Marie-Thérèse Richol-Müller, Woodie Roehmer, Roland Sabatier, Jean-Louis Sarthou, Frédéric Studeny, Dany Tayarda

Project coordinator: Igor Mocanu


Born on January 29, 1925, in Botoșani, Romania, Isidore Isou is the founder of Lettrism, an artistic, ideological and philosophical movement launched towards the end of the 1940’s in Paris, as a critical reaction to the Dada and surrealist movements. At the beginning of the 40’s, Isidore Isou spends some time in Bucharest as an avant-garde journalist, publishing the “Da” (“Yes”, in Romanian) magazine, with Serge Moscovici, a publication that was censored upon appearance. He seeks asylum in France during the Second World War. Little known in Romania, Isidore Isou’s artistic and theoretical activity covers almost all fields of human creation and thought: literature, film, visual and performing arts, philosophy, political economy, science. Isou’s theories have led, towards the end of the 1960’s, to the emergence of other radical movements, such as International Situationism, through his influence on authors like Guy Debord and Gil J. Wolman.

Frédéric Acquaviva is a french self-taught experimental composer who lives in Berlin. He has published more than 20 CD’s, performed in numerous venues all around the world, such as Palais de Tokyo (Paris), La Fenice (Venezia), Kantine Am Berghain (Berlin), Experimental Intermedia (New York), LSO St Luke (London), etc. He is also a specialist in Lettrism, having curated many exhibitions (Passage de Retz, MACBA, Reina Sofia) or written books on Lettrism or key members of Lettrism, such as Gil Wolman, Maurice Lemaître and of course Isidore Isou, who he met in 1998, collaborating with him until Isou’s death in 2007, while not being a lettrist himself. He is currently writing the first monograph on the artworks of Isidore Isou for the Editions du Griffon.

Loré Lixenberg is a world acclaimed mezzo-soprano, who worked with composers such Ligeti, Stockhausen, Niblock, Acquaviva, Aperghis or Trevor Wishart and is also a voice artist working on many projects such as a unique orchestration of the piano rolls of Conlon Nancarrow for her voice and her own extended vocals projects such as ”Prêt-à-chanter” or the ”Singterviews”. She also has a deep interest in performing some classics of Lettrism or sound poetry and has met and performed the poetic works of Bernard Heidsieck and Maurice Lemaître. She was also the first mezzo-soprano that presented on several occasions a Isou Recital (Romanian Cultural Institute, Stockholm; INHA, Paris).

Acquaviva and Lixenberg founded the artspace La Plaque Tournante in 2014 in Berlin-Neukolln, which hosts a series of 16 exhibitions in 4 years, including a forthcoming retrospective on Isidore Isou.

Flyer, card and press release image: Isidore Isou, Partitions Commentées (11), oil on canvas, 55x46cm, 1988.
Courtesy of Catherine Goldstein