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Imagine human: Jassem Hindi

Laundry of legends on death poetry

A performance\essay about death poetry and oracle performance.

"This is a dance and a betrayal of the death-poem The Arab Apocalypse, written by Etel Adnan. It is not a score for a performance, it is not the representation of a text interpreted by a dance. It is a set of instruments to build a very brief world, a way to explore the fabric of time.

Laundry of legends is a cartography of the haunted, traced by fidgeting hands charting both the living and the absent; on a piece of paper, in the air, at the audience's feet, --producing\ invoking ---- ------ imperfect allies: dead archives, rivers, cosmologic bodies, dusty roads, fox." (JH)

Jassem El Hindi - artist sound performance writing transmiting

"My work is made out of nervousness and necessity, haunted by the voices of others. Recently I have been working on death poetry, as an aural understanding of slow (unseen, impalpable) violences and slow revolutions. I am looking at this double-bind of the haunting: that which roams unseen and quiet upon the land signals that what is not here is moving us. I use, edit, corrupt and celebrate." (JH)

"Imagine human" is a multiplicity of consciousnesses and shapes of attention, an abstract affective space continuously reformulating between a constant group of artists living on this performative frequency for the past couple of months and spiraling towards guests and audience. They are: Adriana Gheorghe, Anca Bucur, Cosmina Moroșanu, Cristian Nanculescu, Ioana Gheorghiu și Nicoleta Moise and they move between poetry, theory, visual arts, choreography and other mediums.

'Imagine human' is a performative program initiated by Romanian artist Adriana Gheorghe. Part of her artistic practice is curating contexts in the form of performative frequencies where life and live art meet differently, producing new forms of aesthetic life.

Imagine that human are not something to overcome, but something to yet arrive to. Imagine that performativity and performance were not the abused notions they kind of are, but the frequency of attention, where human became a matter of aesthetics, of imagination and event, so that all those attending a performance, on both sides of reception, get invited to a space of possible reformulation of themselves, of society, of reality, nonetheless of infinite potentiality. Imagine performativity to be the nice thing that spoils given formats inducing intermedial panic (it might look like a performance, but..) and that indeterminacy is such a poetical and political force!

'Imagine Human' project is organised by Solitude Project and co-financed by The Administration of the National Cultural Fund AFCN.
Jassem Hindi's participation is supported by Anca Poterașu Gallery via Plantelor 58 residency program.

Partners: Anca Poterasu Gallery, tranzit.ro, Beans&Dots, Cristina Vasilescu.