Sat 31.10.2009    08:00

Iluzionistele >> Saturday, 31st of October, 20.00h, Round Hall

„We’re living far from these coquettish places, in a castle, at the intersection of the West and South-East roads, up there, more to the left on the map, in the North Land with city accents, there where falling stars are counted with boldness and good manners.
We have a precise schedule which we strictly obey: we knit, we faint
we knit, we faint,
we knit, we faint,
we knit, we faint...
We periodically and carelessly browse booklets full of missing letters, we do our manicure with iodine, we feed the offsprings, we rotate clockwise, we seemly watch TV...everything for mental hygiene.
At lunch, during beauty sleep, we snooze a little on the jamb, then we wake up disheveled, we climb on the bench, we freshen up with a lemonade and a black coffee, we guzzle it and we wait to make our mouth water.
For dinner we cook: in a small pot we add little by little and we toss five intestinal warms with boiling water, we carefully pour some flavored and very dried lien grains, some salt, pepper and chocolate and after we add two wide open eyes... about this wide opened...
We winnow the water with oil and perfume... we let it leaven until it gets a thick crust;
We fold the dough in a Hungarian design scarf;
A shower of emotions,
We spit away bad luck,
We stick hard our teeth in the floor,
We snatch the baby,
We scan him and then we throw him up,
We dredge him through flour,
We beat him well with the rolling pin and dinner’s ready.
At siesta, a fearless eagle with romantic blazes is saving us from the carnivorous plants claws.
Most of the time our floral dresses are ripped...oh sorry... we pedantly climb into his saddle, we say hello... he winks at us and carries us over. There, a despicable royal convoy is gathered every morning to watch us crunch peanuts."
(Mădălina Dan)

Mădălina Dan
studied at the “Floria Capsali” Choreography Highschool and at the Choreography Department of the University of Drama and Film from Bucharest. From 1998 till 2003 she was a member of “Oleg Danovski” Ballet Company in Constanţa. In 2008 she participated in Danceweb Scholarship Programme - Vienna. She collaborated with choreographers: Cosmin Manolescu, Vava Ştefănescu, Gigi Căciuleanu, Sergiu Anghel, Alexandra Pirici, Lisa Naugle, Christine Bastin, Pierr Wiss, Jean Guizerix. Workshops with: Martin Sonderkamp, Lin Snelling, Andrew Harwood, Lisa Race, Keith Hennessy, Judith Grodowitz, Libby Farr, Rasmus Olme, Olive Bieringa, Ko Murobushi, Davis Freeman, Paolo Enrique, Margarida Bettencourt, Laura Simi, Damiano Foa, Donna Uchizona, Christine Bastin, Ivan Wolf, Milli Biterli, Mark Tompkins, Lisa Naugle, Allison Green, Florin Fieroiu Simona Noja, Judith Turros, Daniel Meja, Erwin Kecsek, Wilfride Piollet.
Personal pieces: Dash to transcendent, Just like a woman, All of me, Need for speed, Dedublarea – presented at Springdance Festival and Tanzquartier-Wien in 2009, Iluzionistele – produced by CNDB, Beginning, Middle, End – with Andrea Bozic (Croatia/The Netherlands) and Michael Pinchbeck (Great Britain), which premiered at Springdance Festival – Utrecht 2009.
From 2005, she teaches contemporary dance for amateurs in the National Dance Center Bucharest. She studies playwriting at The University of Drama and Film from Bucharest.