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IETM artistic programme: the kite or what is contemporary dance

April 21, 2017, 19h30


Artistic Direction & performance: Cosmin Manolescu

Video documentary: Tania Cucoreanu & Cosmin Manolescu

Producer: Ștefania Ferchedău

Production: Paradis Serial/ Gabriela Tudor Foundation

With support from: ZonaD, National Dance Centre Bucharest, Morishita studio – The Saison Foundation, Tokyo, Dance New Air Festival, Tokyo, Kinosaki International Arts Center

Funders: The Saison Foundation, Tokyo, Administration of the National Cultural Fund, ArCuB – the Cultural Centre of Bucharest Municipality

solo version, approx. 45 min

Photo credit: Alina Uşurelu



“the kite” is a war of questions, sometimes full of humor, other times absurd, it is sad, but also joyful, and has a certain poetry.


“the kite” translates at an artistic level Cosmin Manolescu’s encounter with Japanese civilization and is built from a simple experience of life, contemplation and reflection shared by participating artists, the kite running. This is relocated on the stage space and studied from a choreographic point of view, of the poetry of the movement and of the reflection act that the act itself may generate. The kite running becomes in the context of this show a generator of dialogue and shared reflections about contemporary society in Romania and Japan, traditions, personal histories or issues concerning ecology. In this piece “the questioning of contemporary dance and of the possibility to find possible definition starts from a strong social under-layer: the performance doesn’t lack political statements, reflections on the Colectiv club tragedy, on the Fukushima explosion and Roșia Montană movement” (Gina Șerbănescu, Dilema Veche).


The piece also reflects the shaping of the artistic encounter between Cosmin Manolescu and Zan Yamashita and was premiered in 2015 in the frame of the Eastern Connection programme of artistic exchanges between Romania and Japan (2013-2015). The artists have worked since 2013 in the frame of several research and development residencies in Bucharest, as well as Tokyo, Kyoto and Kinosaki, and the creation process was previously joined by choreographers Mikiko Kawamura and Mihaela Dancs, as well as by dance writer Takao Norikoshi. 


Starting from 2016, the piece is also presented in other formats, as a solo or in the frame of dedicated workshops. The artistic documentary “what is contemporary dance?” created by Cosmin Manolescu and Tania Cucoreanu / Veioza arte is integral part of the performance.


The performance received the Matei Brancoveanu Award for dance offered by Alexandrion Foundation in December 2015.


Cosmin Manolescu is choreographer and artistic director of Serial Paradise Company/ Gabriela Tudor Foundation in Bucharest (Romania). He played an important role in the promotion and development of the contemporary dance in Romania and in the creation of the National Dance Center in Bucharest. His artistic work was successfully presented in important festivals and venues in New York, San Diego, Paris, Lyon, London, Dublin, Porto, Rome, Florence, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Malmo, Luxembourg, Barcelona, Bremen, Riga etc. He was awarded several grants and prizes among which Grand Prix for “Serial Paradise” awarded by “Atelier” Experimental  Theatre Festival (Sf. Gheorghe, 2003), “Nouveau Talent Choregraphie” (SACD Paris, 2005), an excellency award from the National Dance Centre Bucharest for the development of contemporary dance (2014) and an award for 20 years of cultural resistance from the National Cultural Fund (2017).

His latest artistic projects include: “Room 1306 (I Am Myself)”, performance-installation for a hotel room, and “Piece with limited responsibility” created and performed together with Mihaela Dancs, [Fragile], a European co-production in the frame of the E-Motional programme, PARTYing – a workshop-performance-party and  “the kite” in collaboration with Zan Yamashita. Cosmin Manolescu initiated and contributed to a series of international cooperation programmes, among the most recent being Moving Dialogue (RO-SUA, 2010-2011), E-Motional (RO-LV-PT-LU-CY-IE-UK-TR), whose artistic director he was between 2011-2015, or the Romanian-Japanese cooperation platform Eastern Connection. In 2012 he established with Ștefania Ferchedău the ZonaD studio, that from 2015 became a mobile platform for contemporary dance and audience development.



Cosmin Manolescu

Gabriela Tudor Foundation/ Serial Paradise Company


cell phone: +40 722 322 366 | (personal blog) (ZonaD platform)




Tickets cost 35 lei (full price) or 20 lei (reduced) and cand be purchased online, from, or from the Stere Popescu Hall, before the show.


The International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts (IETM) Spring Plenary Meeting is organised by IETM and the National Centre for Dance in Bucharest (CNDB), in partnership with the Romanian Association of Theatre Artists (UNITER), The I.L. Caragiale National Theatre of Bucharest (TNB) and Metropolis Theatre. The event is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, and it also has the financial support of the Administration of the National Cultural Fund (AFCN).


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