Sun 21.11.2010    07:00

Ich clown >> Sunday, November 21st, 19h00, Round Hall

Theater play by Sorin Poama and Vera Ion. The first production of the platform “Write about you”.

The authors of the text “Ich clown” have chosen to write and then act in their own story, based on a real situation which confronted them with the decision to leave Romania.

Adi is a young Romanian actor, without a job, money or future projects. He lives in a former real estate company, rented in Bucharest. After his girlfriend leaves him, for presenting “nothing certain”, Adi decides to do something about his life. Together with his friends William and Dragos, he makes a plan to tour Europe dressed as clowns.

This performance is the first event in the platform “Write about you” and will show the method we want to use in our work – starting from real stories, documenting the lives of people in 2010’s Romania.