Fri 04.06.2010    09:00

Follow that summer >> Friday, June 4th, 20h00, Round Hall

An attempt to reconstruct the feelings and impressions that are characteristic for the summer, when the warmth of the sun, the freshness of the shadow and the contact with nature go together with a sense of joy and pleasure in lazy activities that are just as much useless as mindless. We try to depict summer as something that goes together with youth and memory. Something that comes and then is taken from us, just leaving traces, remains, and a sweet flavor mingled with loss.
This work started as a research on the Alzheimer disease. Loss of memory also means loss of history, of identity and finally of life itself, as if you were dying from the inside out.
When it comes to the past, memory tends to change its occurrences, but in the case of Alzheimer disease it even changes the ones of the present. “Follow that summer” is a piece about the impossibility of sharing the present as a single objective reality.

A former journalist and critic, Rui Catalão (b.1971, Portugal) worked with the choreographers João Fiadeiro, Miguel Pereira,Manuel Pelmus, Brynjar Bandlien, Madalina Dan, wrote scripts for the film directors João Pedro Rodrigues (To Die Like a Man) and Jorge Cramez (The Golden Helmet) and took part in Miguel Gomes movie "The face you deserve", as an actor. In 2003, he created the ‘live movie’ set concept, with which he made four pieces (the later one, “Atat de Frageda”, premiered in CNDB with romanian interprets). Established in Bucuresti during 2007-2009, he performed “Coada Soricelului” together with Mihaela Dancs, with whom he conceived “Follow that summer”, collaborating also in "First Steps" (Dancs / Carmen Cotofana). Back in Portugal he did "Untitled - still life", with Ana Borralho-Joao Galante and finished his first solo, "Inside words", developed from material tested and presented in “Miercurea Lejera”, the program that Edi Gabia and Maria Baroncea hold in CNDB.

Mihaela Dancs (b.1974) graduated Dentistry College in Bucharest. Since 2004 she takes part in contemporary dance workshops and collaborates with the choreographers: Pascal Allio, Allyson Green, Cătălina Gubandru, Andreea Căpitănescu, Florin Flueraş, Maria Baroncea& Eduard Gabia, Bernard Baumgarten, Vava Ştefănescu, Mădălina Dan .
Her works: "Reprogramare" (2006), "Coada şoricelului" (2007) & "Follow That Summer" (2009) - Rui Catalao/ Dancs, "First Steps" (2009) - Carmen Coţofană/ Dancs, "Lulu's Room" (2009).