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Farewell (or the discrete oversights of the limbic system) >> Thursday, September 30th, 20h00, Round Hall

The five invoked spirits:

Sybilla >> Maria Baroncea

Not so long before Christ, the famous Sybilla, Apollo’s foreteller, lived in a cave and she was writing her visions on oak leaves after coming out of the trance. A part of these were collected and kept in the temple of Jupiter. After one of her visions, the foreteller announced that life on Earth will have 9 periods of 800 years each. According to her, humanity was just passing the last period. Besides, she also foretold the ascension of Emperor Constantin and the birth of Jesus 20 years before it happened, which gave many people a reason to consider her a precursor of Christianity. He dies electrocuted by an electric cable, not before foretelling the renovation of the National Theatre in Bucharest.

Mama Shipton >> Alexandra Pirici
Another foreteller who lived in England in the early 1500s, called mama Shipton, about whom they say she was half human and half supernatural being, comes to support the foretelling of other oracles, even adding new aspects. She anticipated correctly the death of Henry VIII, the reign of Queen Victoria, the great plague or the horrors of the two world wars. Francis Ford Coppola cast her in a main role in one of his films. She also anticipated the apocalypse, when, according to her visions, half of the planet’s population will perish during a “contemporary dance” show.

Carmen Harra >> Carmen Coţofană
The former component and founding member of the Trio Expres group, Carmen Harra left the country long before 1989, initially to visit her sister in Sweden. She then left to the United States. Now, she has American citizenship and a psychotherapy practice on 5th Avenue, in New York. She is a friend of the American box-office stars, starting from Brad Pitt to Jeniffer Lopez, she is close to Hillary Clinton she pleads the case of the Romanian at the White house. In Romania, Harra denies her titles of clairvoyant, psychic or even witch. She calls herself a visionary who “feels“the close future of humanity in a less than favorable light.

Vanga Dimitrovna >> Mădălina Dan

10 years after her death, the well-known blind foreteller Vanga Dimitrova is still to be given back to the earth, her remains being still hidden. Vanga died when she was 85 years old, and she foretold the date of her death many years before it actually happened. Her foretelling is still getting attention, just as much as Nostradamus’ is. There is an entire list of foretelling made by Vanga, crucially important for the history of humankind, which confused rational and enlightened minds. Half a year before Stalin’s death, the woman predicted the day and the conditions of his death, being thus arrested and incarcerated. She was set free only after the death of the bloody Kremlin dictator. Vanga was aware in advance of the invasion of the soviet troupes in the revolted Prague, in 1968, and of the miners’ coming to Bucharest, in 1990.

Mi-Fei >> Iuliana Stoianescu
Born to Chinese immigrants in Queens, New York, Mi-Fei moved to Colentina, Bucharest. She learned about the beneficent magic and she is attracted by an eclectic mix of hobbies. The people to whom inexplicable things happen always find clarity by going to Mi-Fei. The people down on their luck, the people who want the return of a lover, the persons with diseases that cannot be cured (alcoholism, impotence, depression, fear, nausea and, especially, permanent confusion), the persons who want certain lucky and protective amulets, they are all counseled to go to the one and only Mi-Fei.

*The limbic system
consists of the totality of the cerebral structures situated in the median and profound area of the brain, with a major role as far as the memory and emotions are concerned, as well as behavior elaboration. The limbic system is the essential element that makes the connection between the cortex and the older cerebral formations. This, also known as the limbic brain, is responsible for affectivity and memory. Its nervous formations aren’t included in the cortex. Its essential function is to maintain the adaptation to the social environment. The empathy, interpersonal relations, convictions, beliefs, the impulse to attack or defend, the feeling of security or insecurity are coordinated by the limbic system, not by the cortex. That is why the emotions cannot be controlled by reason; reason can only at most control emotions. The limbic system has a certain autonomy from the brain. An apparently intense emotion provokes a reaction of the limbic system and blocks any reactivity of the cortical areas. The limbic system has a selective role, being some sort of filter that insures a selection using the criterion of pleasure, motivation, interest, success. The information considered interesting first pass by it. The limbic system stimulates the areas of the cortex to which the positive information refers to (in case of negative information, affectively, the information no longer reaches the brain, being stopped by the limbic system). It was proved that people react before speaking or thinking. Also, non-verbal information comes much sooner than verbal information, the non-verbal communication answering (most often before verbal communication) to stimuli. Thus, the communication between the limbic system - cortex is unilateral. The limbic system also has an important role in generating long term memory. Thus, the person registers the pleasant or unpleasant character of the stimuli, in the future avoiding the unpleasant stimuli, but not the pleasant ones. Thus, the limbic system, by storing all the memories, is responsible for gaining experience. Also, the limbic system has a cognitive role which consists of generating images and using them. Thus, the limbic system is the headquarters of affectivity, long term memory and imagination. The limbic system is impenetrable to any rational logic.

Farid Fairuz warns about the possible effects of the Change in 2012:

- migraines, fatigue, muscular cramps;
- the sensation of electric current running through the brain and spine;
- intense dreams;
- the sensibility of the human body increases as a result of the new, much higher vibrations;
- the contracting of time (16 hours are the equivalent of 24 hours...);
- the modification of the physical body; a new body of light is created;
- the intuitive and healing abilities increase;
- the internal structure of the human eye transforms due to the new planetary atmosphere and to the increased luminosity
- the activation of the latent abilities of beings, the new borns having a largely increased telepathic ability.
- all the incurable diseases of the 20th century will disappear, AIDS and cancer included;
- Romania is recognized by all the countries as the only blessed country;
- the desire to copulate with incompatible beings and objects increases in an exacerbate manner.