Tue 29.03.2011    08:00

EIO >> Tuesday, March 29th, 20h00, Sala Atelier (National Theater Bucharest)

EIO is displayed to you in this very moment:

EIO invests into writing this text for practical purpose of you reading it.

EIO is practical
EIO gives you purpose
EIO helps you to experience
EIO provides condition
EIO makes you active
EIO has no judgment
EIO projects no value

It is a utopian fiction of practical solutions.
It mixes work and leisure to reach a futuristic adventure.
It is the investigation of the practical performativity.
It is a co-created experience where the ultimate aim is to be practical.
EIO is one hour society
One hour society allows the escape from learned helplessness.

Maria Baroncea – born 1979 – the manager of her own time, working on things that interest her in a mostly slow tempo. for the moment she owns the pseudonyms and the projects The BUREAU of Research and Manifestation of the Continuous Present, Feldefel production, Miercurea lejera, PFA ana maria manuela baroncea, Rectifier crew, and other.

Eduard Gabia – born 79 - rectified in 97 as specialized man, he became a tool, not a human being, working non-stop since the day he was born. He lost the fight with the reality and now he is totaly a fiction.

Dragana Bulut is an independent performer and choreographer living and working in Berlin and Belgrade.