Tue 19.05.2015    19:30

Double- bill evening: Eternal feeding & LAY(ERS)

Eternal Feeding Technique
It’s time to try a radical diet!
In the wake of climate disaster, global pandemics, species extinction, when a world without the human is not just an adrenalin boost of Hollywood blockbusters but is slowly entering our perception and mode of thought, we have to get ready to face hard times of famine and scarcity even in the more privileged parts of the world.
Our method will not only raise the chances of your survival in the future but will provide an admirable graveyard aesthetics. Nowadays aesthetics cannot be just aesthetics, it should be useful as well!

The starting point for my project was an image which had a lot of emotional and sensual impact over me. In this image I saw the human living skin and how it changes with time, how it peels off and always regenerates.
I started to ask myself what guards my skin, what does it guard in somebody else, what hidden emotions or needs are transmitted through skin and what’s the memory of my skin. For me it’s very interesting how skin changes with every difference in the external and internal medium; how it offers a very expressive view of life, movement, death.
I asked myself :what kind of movement answer does tactile stimulation bring? What kind of emotional responses I get in seeing certain images with the skin? How clearly can I communicate through touching? How can I bring with subtlety the images of change, time passing, regeneration into a performance? I’m proposing a continuous dialogue between the sound, tactile sense and movement.
Lay(ers) is performance about vulnerability and the fight to get inside the emotional body, it’s about showing and offering and receiving the audience inside me.