Mon 30.10.2017    19:30    map

DANCING RING/ one to all// The Contemporary Dance Season


MONDAY, 30th of October, 7.30 p.m.


By/with: Mihaela Dancs

Light designer: Ionuț Cherana

Sound designer: Marian Cîțu

Production: The National Centre for Dance Bucharest, 2016

Length: 50 min


On stage I feel privileged, I enjoy freedom of movement, I work in real time with the energetic-kinesthetic-affective transfer between me and the audience, and what my body produces from a choreographic standpoint is influenced and fed by the public's presence and this immaterial exchange. But what happens with the spectators' bodies from the moment they sit on their chairs and until they leave the room, while my body generates dance and engages in this transfer?


The one to all version came up without my intention during work on the one to one. My body's relationship with the music, which demanded to be closely explored, is materialised, it's palpable, and our physicalities encounter and probe each other. The dancing ring is space, the space is body, the body is music, the music is space, the music is body, the body is a dancing ring.



Mihaela Dancs dances in theatres, apartments, art galleries, factories, churches, dance studios, attics and museums from Bucharest, London, Timişoara, Venice, Prague, New York, Vienna, Stockholm, Frankfurt, Cluj or Tokyo. She collaborates with Cătălina Gubandru, Mădălina Dan, Florin Flueras, Paul Dunca, Carmen Coțofană, Vava Ștefănescu, Rui Catalao, Cosmin Manolescu, Zan Yamashita, Doris Uhlich, Andreea David. In 2016, she initiated the format Everything for Endorphins.

The Contemporary Dance Season is a cultural project financed within the cultural programme Bucharest, Participatory City by the Bucharest Mayor Office through the Cultural Projects Centre ARCUB.