Tue 26.10.2010    07:00

Dance a playful body >> Tuesday, October 26th, 19h00, Studio 2

<“Dance a playful body” is an experiment for us and a experience for the public.
The piece is a performance that slips through your fingers, about which you feel that you could say something, that you got the idea but in the next second it changes, becomes something else that you can only feel but you can not describe.
Istvan creates or deconstructs his presence without any warning. He doesn’t care about appearance, doesn’t fulfill expectations, he doesn’t obey the rules. His body grows primarily or encodes socially, from one stage to another, and the spectator has to accompany him
.> Andreea Novac

Andreea Novac is born in 1981. She graduated Psychology and UNATC, Choreography.
Betwen 1999 – 2003 she was involved in different psychology projects. Since 2003, after her admittance in choreography, she participated in a large number of contemporary dance workshops. She studied with: Cosmin Manolescu, Allyson Green, Helena Franzen, Carl Olof Berg, Florin Fieroiu, Odette Guimond, Valentina de Piante Niculae, Mihai Mihalcea, Brynjar Bandlien, David Zambrano, Melisa Putz, Eric Schoefer, Ivan Wolfe, Martin Sonderkamp, Marianne Bar, Eduard Gabia, Angelique Willkie, Erin Cornell, Ted Stoffer, Marion Ballester, Marta Coronado, Benjamin Boar, Isabelle Kurzi, Vava Ştefănescu. Since 2005 she started to create her own pieces: “Here Everything is Different”, “Are you going with me?”, “Right here, right now”, “B-26-Dance”, “Body and against the Body”. She was granted scholarships to participate in the workshops organized within “Impulstanz” Vienna and „Tanzimpulse” Salzburg, and for movement research (Napoli, Italy). She participates in artistic residencies in Great Britain, Netherlands, Italy. In 2006 -2007 she participated as a performer in the international project “Migrant body”.
She creates choreography for theater and film.