Thu 31.03.2016    19:30    map


Thursday, 31.03 / 19h30, CNDB, “Stere Popescu” Hall


COREGRAFIE DE GRUP follows into the path of depletion as a source of energy reactivation and of energy as a mean of communication both in dance and in others fields, looking for ways to build, live and communicate, starting with the desire to understand and to work with enhanced energy: from 1 body to 2, from 2 to 10. Movement is generated in COREGRAFIE DE GRUP in near real time. Involved in intense physical practices, performers negotiate shapes, rhythm and space, bringing forward visually-musical, kinaesthetic, energetic and emotional experiences. In and out of control, swaying between knowing and not knowing, in listening or in isolation, the bodies in motion communicate everything and nothing. A daring artistic exercise from Mihaela Dancs and the ten performers, leading to particular aesthetics, surprising in its simplicity, in its endurance and performance, of an intensity and quality of attention rarely seen in performative spaces.



Choreographic concept: Mihaela Dancs

A performance designed and danced together with: Andreea David, Andreea Novac, Cristian Nanculescu, Cristina Lilienfeld, Dionisie Lupu, Nicoleta Enache, Paul Dunca, Razvan Rotaru, Smaranda Gabudeanu

Rehearsal company, sparring partner: Adriana Gheorghe

Light design: Alexandru Bibere

Sound: Marian Cîţu

A production by The National Dance Centre of Bucharest


Mihaela Dancs (b.1974, Bucharest, Romania) dances in theatres, apartments, attics, art galleries, factories, churches, dance studios, museums and in the streets of Bucharest, London, Timişoara, Venice, Prague, New York, Cluj, Vienna, Stockholm or Tokyo. She works, among others, with Mădălina Dan, Carmen Coțofană, Paul Dunca, Vava Ștefănescu, Rui Catalao, Cosmin Manolescu and Doris Uhlich.