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Black Hyper Box – The Project

A point alienates from itself and becomes a line. A line alienates from itself and becomes a square. A square alienates from itself and becomes a cube. A cube alienates from itself and becomes a hypercube. Black Hyperbox is a dimension of productive alienation from concepts through experience and from experience through thinking. Black Hyperbox is a productive lie, a future-oriented spatiotemporal ruse, where the conceptual horizon is mutilated through doing and the horizon of imagination is mutilated through thought. In Black Hyperbox, any known can be black-boxed and the unknown can turn out to be most banal. Black Hyperbox is a spatiotemporality where, through the inevitable involvement in someone else's method and research, systematic alienation becomes a method of production in itself. The theatre's black box was here for a while, striving to empty the reality and make space for other worlds to be produced. Black Hyperbox is next.


Project initiated by Florin Flueraș and Alina Popa

Presentations: Bogdan Bălan, Larisa Crunțeanu, Andreea David, Ion Dumitrescu, Florin Flueraș, Adriana Gheorghe, Ioana Gheorghiu, Cătălina Gubandru, Anastasia Jurescu, Alexandra Ivanciu, Cristian Nanculescu, Cosima Opartan, Alina Popa, Xandra Popescu


Alina Popa navigates between visual arts and performative arts, between the white cube and the black box, between philosophy and experimental text. In 2012 she launched together with Florin Flueraș the project Unsorcery, where they developed three concepts, practices and performances: Second Body, Dead Thinking, Eternal Feeding. Alina Popa set up with Irina Gheorghe The Bureau of Melodramatic Research (BMC) which is active since 2009. She is cofounder and coeditor/ designer of the “Bezna” Magazine and coinitiated the “Art-Leaks” Platform. She constantly works in collective projects such as: Postspectacle (Presidential Candidancy), Robin Hood Minor Asset Management.


Florin Flueraș is author and co-author in projects as: Postspectale Trilogy, Presidential Candidancy, Romanian Dance History, A Brave Search of the Ultimate Reality, Performative Cooperative etc. His projects are at the border between contemporary arts, performance, theory and politics – investigating, questioning and exploring the art’s political function as well as the way in which the “artistic”(spectacle) elements of politics and mass media may be expressed and explored from the perspective of his experience as a performer.