Thu 20.01.2011    07:00

BACK TO ZERO >> Thursday, January 20th, 19h00, Round Hall

"Back to Zero" is a personal investigation of a new identity, meant to answer the questions: what is movement?/ which is the position/role/intention of dance?/ what does the body represent on a stage?
Starting from an examination of her own body, hands, head, legs, nails, but also her own artistic experiences, as performer, largely, involved in different stage/choreographic discourses, with different tasks, Carmen Coţofană comes to possess a dynamic and mature informational baggage, etc. Hence, in this project, Carmen Coţofană leads a terrible, complex, harsh battle, never seen before, anywhere. Some say that she fell off her horse and died under the hooves of her men's horses. Others say that she was killed by a spear.