Sat 27.11.2010    07:00

BACK TO ZERO (premiere) >> Saturday, November 27th, 19h00, Round Hall

"Back to Zero" puts forward a personal investigation of a new identity, wishing to answer the questions: what is movement?/ which is the position/role/intention of dance?/ what does the body represent on a stage?
Starting from an examination of her own body, hands, head, legs, nails, but also her own artistic experiences, as performer, largely, involved in different stage/choreographic discourses, with different tasks, Carmen Coţofană comes to possess a dynamic and mature informational baggage, etc. Hence, in this project, Carmen Coţofană leads a terrible, complex, harsh battle, never seen before, anywhere. Some say that she fell of her horse and died under the hooves of the horses of her own man. Others say that she was killed by a spear.