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Sun 11.09.2016    19:30    map

Andrew Kerton // Artist presentation // Performance: Fieldnotes

_fieldnotes is a body and a bass line / a stripped down proposition / an exercise in spatial embodiment / a physical exploration of inner and outer limits / a result of somatic awareness / a process of integration / a process of fragmentation / a series of terse choreographies / a body doing what it does / voice / movement / transition / a neutral site engaged in continual transition / an articulation of the body experience / an acknowledgement that perception is subjective / an acknowledgment that subjectivity is a choreographic activity / a sculpture show / a playing with cognition / a cross modal process of abstraction / a three dimensional edit / a three dimensional edit of embodied abstractions / a horizontal plain of activity / a metaphysics of gravity / a deconstruction of prescribed intelligibility / a synesthete / a feminist / an act of resistance

_fieldnotes is a solo performance by Andrew Kerton that can be considered an exercise in spatial embodiment or perhaps an abstract cartoon: action is language language is body body is thought thought is action action is body body is language language is thought thought is body body is action action is thought thought is language language is action


Andrew Kerton is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice has centered around performance and video works and includes writing, drawing, sound works and sculpture. He received his BA in Sculpture at Brighton University before attending De Ateliers postgraduate studio programme in Amsterdam. As part of his practice he has collaborated as performer for various international visual artists and was a founding member of Keren Cytter's internationally touring dance company D.I.E NOW (Dance International Europe Now). His videos and performances have been shown internationally, including the ICA, London; CIC, Cairo; Auto Italia, London; Bat Yam MoCA, Bat Yam; HAU, Berlin and Migros Museum, Zurich. He recently graduated from the SODA MA programme at HZT in Berlin, where he pursued intensive research into somatic awareness and its conceptual significance.