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Amprenta Mădălina Dan - The Agency of Touch – one on one format


The Agency of Touch – one on one format
Tactile performance
October 17 – 22 at CNDB
October 23 – 25 at the Moses Rosen Home

Producer: Project supported by Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz Berlin (HZT Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin)
Set-design/costumes: Ana Botezatu
Sound-design: Natalia Bustamante

You can sign up only for the “Agency of Touch” performances that will take place at the National Centre for Dance, at The entry fee is 25 lei (full price) or 15 lei (reduced).

The Agency of Touch is a social intervention utilising touch, bodily-sensorial awareness and connectivity as a social-recreational vehicle for corporeal communication and research in various social, cultural and economic contexts.  The work consists of individual sessions based on touch. This experience produces drawings, feedback and verbal interpretation from the participants. The Agency of Touch identifies itself as a physical-contact Space, a somatic and hands-on Space, a well-being and integrative space to produce an intimate dialogue with our bodies. I am interested in facilitating pleasurable, soothing touch-experiences as a way of putting people in a close dialogue with the body and sensorial, emotional, energetic, anatomical, transcendental, caregiving and receiving potential. In this space, physical sensory perception is knowledge beyond visual input and representation. In an alienated  and sensorially deprived context caused by a virtual-technology era, by social inequalities and other factors, the Agency privileges touch, haptic, physical  experiences over the visual experience dominating the contemporary technologised society.

My touch-practice follows primarily anatomical pathways; It consists in workings with the somatosensory system, with layers of the skin, (epidermis, dermis, endodermis), with touch receptors registering texture, pressure, movement and vibration. I am focusing on different types of awakening the skin and the proprioceptors: pressing, scratching, caressing, kneading, brushing, stroking combined with self-developed methods and instant tactile compositions. The Agency of Touch aims to be a training method facilitated by touch, a learning process for both giver and receiver to be perceptive, sensorial with the body also outside of this  frame, in the everyday life; meaning taking benefits from awareness and being more receptive to what our bodies have to offer.

Credits and many thanks and gratitude to: Ana Botezatu, Steve Heather,  the Temps d’Images team.

The Agency hosts three sections:

1. the Touch space (17-20 minutes for each participant) situated on the separate room on the right.

2. individual drawing section ( in the main space, in the middle of the room) where the visitor is invited to reflect with color, texture and shape on the tactile experience and make an exercise of memory with own sensations.
*The drawing that you are invited to make is a continuation of the tactile experience and it is a way for you to practice with the memory about the experience that you just had. It doesn't have to follow chronological and spatial pathways, just express on the piece of paper. You can also use words.

3. you are then invited to display and share your outcome on the walls of the space.

All the shows, performances and artist talks scheduled to take place in Mădălina Dan’s ”Amprenta” will take place at the Stere Popescu hall on Mărăşeşti Bld. 80-82, with the exception of the “Agency of Touch” performances scheduled between October 23 and October 25 and hosted by the Moses Rosen Home, on Jimbolia Street no. 105.

Tickets can be purchased online from or from the Stere Popescu hall before the show. 

You can sign up only for the “Agency of Touch” performances that will take place at the National Centre for Dance, at The entry fee is 25 lei (full price) or 15 lei (reduced).

Between October 17 and November 20, the National Centre for Dance in Bucharest will host the performances, shows and artist talks in the “Amprenta” project, one of the three directions of Mădălina Dan’s curatorial program as associate artist of the National Centre for Dance in 2016.

”Amprenta” will include the choreographer and dancer’s most recent works, but also older shows and collaborations. Initiated by CNDB in 2008 and updated on the occasion of Mădălina Dan’s curatorial mandate, the “Amprenta” project implies inviting a choreographer to execute a self-portrait over the course of approximately one month: presenting his or her own shows and also inviting productions or artists that form part of his creative universe.