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Amprenta Mădălina Dan - performance Dominic Stanca & artist talk „What’s at work”

Amprenta Mădălina Dan - performance Dominic Stanca & artist talk „What’s at work”

October 30, 7.00 p.m.


Dominic Stanca
A performance  by Mădălina Dan and Ciprian Mureșan

Length: 20 minutes

A project made in the Temps d'images festival, 2009

Producer: Colectiv A


What’s at work

Alina Popa in dialog with Mădălina Dan

8.00 p.m.



Dominic Stanca
A performance  by Mădălina Dan and Ciprian Mureșan


“In 2009, while working with Ciprian in a Temps d’images - Cluj residence (Chantier), I discovered (on reading a memorial plaque) Dominic Stanca, poet, playwright, actor, writer (1926-1976). In spite of the presence of the memorial plaque, there wasn't much information on the internet on Dominic Stanca, the son. His father, having the same name and a Cluj maternity named after him, and Radu Stanca (his cousin), who lent his name to the Drama Theatre in Sibiu, have more renowned names and personalities than those of Dominic Stanca.

Part of our project was to create a Wikipedia page, to include his biography and list of creations.

Does this oblivion and inconspicuousness of Dominic Stanca as an artist say anything about the value of his creations? Or is this related to different bio-political factors? Or to the conditions of archiving, writing and forgetting the pre-internet history in a communist regime? The documentation revealed that what was edited after the poet passed away was the work of his wife, Sorana Coroamă-Stanca. What is relevant among such factors and what is the artistic counterpoint when working closely with the biography of a subject known only virtually?

Our work brings Dominic Stanca in an abstract and uniform name constellation, in a poetics of overlapping layers of memory and visibility/ sonority which erase and support each other.” (Mădălina Dan)

”Such a polyphony on his small trolley!

On his green casket of peacocks and stars.

On his scales laboratory

That he tows all alone, like an emaciated horsie,

Cling-clang and cling-cling... obsessively on the pavement.

Cling-clang harmoniously with his bottles full

on the deep steep lace of the streets,

cling-cling blatantly with his empty bottles

Hectically dancing between the box cleats.

Yesterday like today and today like tomorrow -

Cling-clang uphill and cling-cling downslope -

so passed the waterman with his bottles full,

so passed the waterman like an empty bottle.”
(Dominic Stanca – The Waterman)


Ciprian Mureșan is an artist who lives and works in Cluj; from 2005 he is editor of IDEA art + societymagazine. In 2014 he was guest professor at Hochschule für Bildende Künste Braunschweig. His recent solo exhibitions include: Obstacle Racing, Hochschule für Bildende Künste Braunschweig (2014), Stage and Twist (with Anna Molska), Tate Modern, Londra (2012), Recycled Playground, on view successively at FRAC Champagne-Ardenne, Reims (2011), Centre d'art contemporaine, Genève (2012) și Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver (2013), n.b.k. - Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin (2010).

What’s at work – a talk with Alina Popa




Alina Popa navigates between visual arts and contemporary dance, the white cube and the black box, theory and text. She draws with concepts, conceptualizes with movement, moves with thought, thinks with structure, structures with sound, sounds weird or not at all. She gives lectures during parties, teaches through dramaturgy, documents residencies writing SF, and will, at least once, interrupt a public discussion to talk about jaguars. She founded Artworld and Black Hyperbox together with Florin Flueras, and The Bureau of Melodramatic Research with Irina Gheorghe. She contributes to several projects, or “esthetic entities”, such as Bezna [consistent darkness + diffuse fear], Robin Hood Minor Asset Management, Postspectacle. She exhibited/performed at Pratt Manhattan NY, Martin Gropius Bau Berlin, Times Museum Guangzhou, BAK Utrecht, Wing Hong Kong, MUMOK Vienna, Brut Theater Vienna, CNDB Bucharest, Het Bos Antwerp, MNAC Bucharest, DEPO Istanbul, Ujazdowski Castle Warsaw, Jardim Equatorial Sao Paulo, Teatru-Spălătorie Chișinău, Salonul de Proiecte Bucharest, House of Drama Theater Oslo, Theater Rampe Stuttgart etc.

All the shows, performances and artist talks scheduled to take place in Mădălina Dan’s ”Amprenta” will take place at the Stere Popescu hall on Mărăşeşti Bld. 80-82, with the exception of the “Agency of Touch” performances scheduled between October 23 and October 25 and hosted by the Moses Rosen Home, on Jimbolia Street no. 105.


The entry fee for the shows is 25 lei (full price) or 15 lei (reduced), while admission to the artist talk is free.

Tickets can be purchased online from or from the Stere Popescu hall before the show. 


Between October 17 and November 20, the National Centre for Dance in Bucharest will host the performances, shows and artist talks in the “Amprenta” project, one of the three directions of Mădălina Dan’s curatorial program as associate artist of the National Centre for Dance in 2016.

”Amprenta” will include the choreographer and dancer’s most recent works, but also older shows and collaborations. Initiated by CNDB in 2008 and updated on the occasion of Mădălina Dan’s curatorial mandate, the “Amprenta” project implies inviting a choreographer to execute a self-portrait over the course of approximately one month: presenting his or her own shows and also inviting productions or artists that form part of his creative universe.