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Amprenta Mădălina Dan - (anti)aging


November 19, 7.30 p.m.

Concept, choreography & performance: Mădălina Dan & Mihaela Dancs

Producers: National Dance Centre Bucharest, E-motional Bodies&Cities/Gabriela Tudor Foundation

A collaboration based on the idea of performance and an artistic/ biographic archiving through recording the present for the future (year 2041) with a recording camera, in a projected temporality, where present personal/ professional details will be revisited from a different ontological/ temporal perspective. A frame where time, the natural development of a collaboration running over a 30 years period (the performance was premiered in 2011), and the personal stories intertwine or turn into the dramaturgy and working material of the performance.


“(anti)aging is a gentle and energising performance about an age consumed by the recollection of thrills and strong impulses. It is an emotional map of the future, as is it now projected by present voices. It is a passionate manifesto of those-whom-we-shall-be, as if we were holding photos of ourselves at different ages.” – Mihaela Michailov (ArtAct Magazine, # 139/2011)



Mihaela Dancs (n. 1974, Bucharest, Romania) is performing in theatres, apartments, on bridges and in art galleries, factories, churches, dance studios and museum in Bucharest, London, Timişoara, Venice, Prague, New York, Cluj, Vienna, Stockholm, Roma, Frankfurt, Tokyo etc. She works, among others, with Cătălina Gubandru, Florin Flueraș, Mădălina Dan, Carmen Coțofană, Paul Dunca, Vava Ștefănescu, Rui Catalao, Cosmin Manolescu, Doris Uhlich and Zan Yamashita.

All the shows, performances and artist talks scheduled to take place in Mădălina Dan’s ”Amprenta” will take place at the Stere Popescu hall on Mărăşeşti Bld. 80-82, with the exception of the “Agency of Touch” performances scheduled between October 23 and October 25 and hosted by the Moses Rosen Home, on Jimbolia Street no. 105.

The entry fee for the shows is 25 lei (full price) or 15 lei (reduced), while admission to the artist talk is free.

Tickets can be purchased online from or from the Stere Popescu hall before the show. 

Between October 17 and November 20, the National Centre for Dance in Bucharest will host the performances, shows and artist talks in the “Amprenta” project, one of the three directions of Mădălina Dan’s curatorial program as associate artist of the National Centre for Dance in 2016.

”Amprenta” will include the choreographer and dancer’s most recent works, but also older shows and collaborations. Initiated by CNDB in 2008 and updated on the occasion of Mădălina Dan’s curatorial mandate, the “Amprenta” project implies inviting a choreographer to execute a self-portrait over the course of approximately one month: presenting his or her own shows and also inviting productions or artists that form part of his creative universe.