Tue 08.03.2011    08:00

... after all (preview) >> Tuesday, March 8th, 20h00, Sala Atelier (National Theater Bucharest)

The body has the tendency to become an archive; a virtual archive.
What can you do with all these things which piled up? At some point, you wish you could shake them off, but you can’t throw them. A change would be appreciated.
You take another body; you open its valves; you select the archived debris; you put aside the recyclable items; you notice these are very few; you place them carefully in various parts of the new body (due to their age, they are fragile nonetheless); you put dreams aside; only few [of them] will accomplish; you throw them randomly in the new body; you wait a little; if nothing happens, have some patience; in the meantime, choose the accessories; when everything is ready, you will add the accessories to the new body; should they be rejected, don’t worry, it is a normal effect, the body will get accustomed to some of them and keep them, while others will become invisible; when everything is done, watch carefully; find an appropriate frame at an antique shop – it is very important; in the end, frame the result.
Turn on the TV and watch a cartoon you like very much.

Vava Ştefănescu

Tickets: 20 lei / 10 lei for students
Tickets can be bought from the National Theater's ticket office
The performance takes place at Sala Atelier (entrance through Opereta)