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Acts of Courage


The performance crosses the border between arts and it brings together an interdisciplinary team comprised of choreographers Paul Duncă and Cristina Lilienfeld, actress Ruxandra Coman, puppeteers Smaranda Găbudeanu and Răzvan Rotaru, director Selma Dragoş, musicians Marian Cîtu (Rufi) and George Turliu and the lighting designer Alexandros Raptis. 

After a time of exploring their own fears and learning from children stories that fascinate or keep them up at night, the artists set to work and created a “brave” performance. Their working method was collaboration, as the team mixed text, light and shadows, dance and original music to materialise and dematerialise childhood fears. The outcome was a children (7 to 12 years) performance unique on the stages of Bucharest.

Each representation concludes with a conversation with the audience, parents, teachers and children, in order to give children the opportunity to openly discuss their fears and digest their thoughts and experiences as brought out during the performance.

Fapte vitejeşti was premièred in September 2015 and enjoyed a full house and great feedback from the audience.

"Fapte Vitejesti is the most intelligent theatre performance for children that I have seen in 2015. A play about children's fears and parents' anxieties, humorously and tenderly debunked. A performance on the shadow of anxieties that grow tall or small within us." (Mihaela Michailov, theatre critic, playwright)

The theatre critic Iulia Popovici includes it on the list of 5 “must see shows for any audience” in 2015 due to “its (successful) endeavour at reconsidering traditional theatre for children (for today's children – with today's theatre ideas).”

The team aims at raising the interest of this audience for dance performances and show them that there's a whole world to discover in performantive arts that may talk about them and where illusion becomes a mean of learning personal truths.

Fapte vitejEŞTI a performance by/ with: Ruxandra Coman, Selma Dragoş, Paul Duncă, Smaranda Găbudeanu, Cristina Lilienfeld, Răzvan Rotaru, George Turliu.
Live original music: Marian Cîtu (Rufi) & George Turliu. Lighting Concept: Alexandros Raptis.

Fapte vitejESTI is produced by PETEC (Association for Theatre and Books), with the support of The National Dance Centre and financed by ArCub within the project Fapte vitejESTI in BUCUREȘTI.