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Workshop Siegmar Zacharias - deep listening & make/do/think/say

Madalina Dan's curatorial programme, as associate artist of the National Dance Center Bucharest in 2016 (, begins with the workshop "deep listening & make/do/think/say", scheduled between June 13 and June 18 and conducted by Siegmar Zacharias. The workshop will take place in English and is targeted for practitioners and the new generation of artists and choreographers from the Romanian dance scene, being exclusively dedicated to professionals.

The workshop will take place daily, between June 13 and June 18, in the 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. interval, at the National Dance Center Bucharest. Siegmar Zacharias will conclude it with a public talk, on June 18, at 6 p.m.

You can sign up for it only through a CV and a letter of intent, both of them in English, to be sent to the e-mail address [email protected] The contact person is Ana Papadima - +40740 276 865.

The entry fee is 100 lei.

"deep listening & make/do/think/say"

For the workshop i'm proposing two practices.

One is deep listening using Pauline Oliveros' practice of sonic meditation and applying it to the whole body. She is a pioneer of electronic music and in the past 60 years has developed new compositional strategies that are based in the acknowledgement of material and immaterial entanglement and favor sonic awareness and deep listening around the idea of complex sound masses. "Sonic awareness is a synthesis of the psychology of consciousness, the physiology of the martial arts, and the sociology of the feminist movement" and describes two ways of processing information, focal attention and global attention.

The second, make/do/think/say, will be a practice of making mini pieces and finding languages to talk round them.
Each day, every participant will be working on their own piece, with a beginning, middle and end:

make – 1 hour to make something to show (max. 10 mins)
do – 10min to show the work
think – Think about the work you just saw
say – Give feedback

We will discuss/gather /develope contexts and concepts, out of everybodies work touching topics like, corporeality, thingliness, darkness, temporality.

the dark side

In a practice of dirty thinking I will engage with the question of darkness in phenomenology, ecology and performance. What porduces darkness when the lights are on? What is at stake when we acknowledge darkness? What could be the ethical implications of a philosphy of darkness? And finally How does the aesthetic experience produce and impose darkness. This talk will be crossing paths with, Timothy Morton, Steve Shaviro, David Roden, Sergiu Matis: Keep it real, Jefta van Dinther: Grind, Siegmar Zacharias: The Cloud. This talk is part of an onging research into and Ecology of Artistic Practice that I'm busy with in the practice of theory and the practice of dance related artforms.

Siegmar Zacharias works in theory and practice in the field of performance. She is working in situations of embodied dirty thinking together through matters and matter. This practice collides approaches from philosophy, with pop culture, science and parascience. Observing and realising the entanglement of the relations of human and non-human actors in different constellations into a dark ecology of performance. Her works develop formats of performances, installations, discursive formats and curation/invitation dealing with questions of agency, the contract of the willful suspension of disbelief and the critical substance it produces.They are situated between labour and humour, do-it-yourself low tech and high tech. They have been presented nationally and internationally at festivals, in theatres, galleries, green houses, clubs, the woods, and up in the sky. She is a founding member of SXS Enterprise, a transdisciplinary collective between film/music/text in the field of performance. She initiated WOW(WomenOnWork)-WE WORK HERE, a platform of Berlin based artists for research and exchange, that works on modes and formats of situating artistic research. Siegmar Zacharias studied philosophy, comparative literature & performance art in Berlin, London and Amsterdam; and teaches at MA Level at HZT Berlin, DOCH Stockholm, dasarts Amsterdam.