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The fifth workshop from Mădălina Dan's curatorial program, associated artist of National Dance Center Bucharest in 2016 is What is your discourse?

The workshop takes place everyday between 7th and 9th of October at National Dance Center, from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.


You can sign up for it only through a CV and a letter of intent, both of them in English, to be sent to the e-mail address [email protected] The contact person is Ana Papadima - +40740 276 865.


The entry fee is 100 lei.


In descriptions of the artistic developments in European contemporary dance and performance since the 90's, the term 'discourse‘ is extremely present. It is said for example that artists at that time had started working by means of discoursive intervention (Cvéjic) or that dance as such experienced a discourse-boost (Ploebst). What is understood as 'discoursive' varies in each case: sometimes it seems to be the offensive embrace of theory and philosophy on the side of performance and dance makers, sometimes it is simply the fact that text based formats like magazines, blogs, book publications became extended tools of artistic articulation.

Today the expectation that young artists should be able to 'create discourse' in relation to their own work has been firmly implemented in recent study programs in dance and performance. It is often not clear what 'discourse' is supposed to mean in this context either: a critical debate about one’s own doing, a self-reflexive gesture of framing or connecting one’s own practice to other fields and practices.

In this workshop I would like to start off with disentangling the notion of discourse through the engagement with different theories (Foucault, Habermas, Laclau/Mouffe), relating them closely to the ideas of discourse and production of discourse brought in by the participants. We will touch upon recent art history, politics, philosophy and other fields. Given the fact that what is considered as „the artistic developments in European contemporary dance“ is still very much limited to a Western European perspective, I would also like to rethink together the limits and the potential of the concept of 'discourse' for the participants specific practices in their local context.


Constanze Schellow is a theorist, dramaturge and writer in the field of dance and performance. She studied Theatre Studies, Philosophy and Performing Arts in Berlin and Antwerp, and holds a PhD in Dance Studies. Between 2014 and 2016, she was guest professor for Applied Dance Studies and Performance Theory at Interuniversity Centre for Dance Berlin. Constanze has been teaching in academic institutions (like the Institute for Media and Theatre Hildesheim/DE, Free University Berlin/DE, Institute for Theatre Studies Berne/CH) as well as in the artistic context (Tanzquartier Vienna, Dansens Hus Copenhagen). As a dramaturge she has collaborated with Sara Manente, Doris Uhlich, Simone Aughterlony and will work with Eva Meyer-Keller this year. As a critic and writer specialized in dance and performance Constanze has published in German and international daily papers and magazines such as Performance Research, Frakcija, Theater der Zeit, Tanzjournal and on web-platforms (corpus, sarma). As an editor she was responsible for the Goethe Institute website and archive tanzconnexions on contemporary dance in the Asia-Pacific region, between 2009 and 2011. Constanze's new book Diskurs-Choreographien, dealing with the politics of theorizing and academicizing dance, has just come out (epodium 2016).