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Wednesday November 30th 2016

02.00 – 04.00 p.m. The Body_ Space _Image workshop // Alina Ușurelu and Simona Deaconescu

04.00 – 05.00 p.m. The ART YOUR STEP Drawer  // Corina Cimpoieru

05.00 – 06.00 p.m. Up Stairs //experimental screening and Q&A// The Up Stairs team

Free admission, within available seating.

There is no need to sign up beforehand, but we do recommend you arrive 15 minutes before each workshop starts. 

Stretching out across three dimensions (artistic, educational and as a research tool), UP STAIRS attempts to discover new theoretical and practical performative ways of reactivation, reinterpretation and repositioning of the individual’s internal architecture in relation to external, material architecture.

            UP STAIRS aims at finding new manners of interacting with personal and public spaces and responding to their architectural particularities, by using visual language as a means and a frame for integrating internal and external experiences. 


The Body_ Space _Image workshop (coordinated by Alina Ușurelu and Simona Deaconescu)

Through several practical and theoretical exercises, we shall analyse the specifics of a video work which makes use of the language of the body: the relationship between space, body and time, internal approaches and movement contextualizing in the external world, video composition elements such as rhythm and dynamics, sound atmosphere, framing, angling and camera movements. The workshop will offer basic information on how to produce low budget experimental works and on how to nationally and internationally distribute such works.

We will discuss about and experiment with the difference between different screening environments: in a cinema theatre, an exhibition or in the public space. Also, we will examine the way in which the screening environment can influence the video footage’s composition. Through a series of progressive exercises, participants will be encouraged to explore the camera either as an extension of their body, or as a continuation of their movements, so that at the end of the workshop they will possess the necessary expertise to develop personal projects.


Alina Ușurelu is an independent visual artist. She has a Master’s degree (Performance. Multimedia. Society) from the Excellence Centre of the Study of Image. She is an artistic consultant for the National Centre of Dance in Bucharest and, as a visual artist, collaborates with several members of the contemporary dance community. Her portfolio includes photography of performances and video works dedicated to promoting and documenting of contemporary artistic products. She is one of the initiators of the cultural project Up Stairs. More about Alina’s projects on

Simona Deaconescu has studied both choreography and film directing. Her aesthetic approach is interdisciplinary, working at projects in which art and science complement each other. She is the Tangaj Dance collective’s choreographer, for shows such as “0001 | Dream Factory,” “0002 | Birdville,” “0003 | Aftertaste” and the dance film “Silent Places”. Since 2015, Simona has been the artistic director of Bucharest International Dance Film Festival, the organiser of Dance Film Platform which is part of the Architecture Annual in Bucharest and co-producer of Platform X, an exhibition project developed as part of an artistic residency. In 2016, Simona launched a second dance film, “Sonder,” in collaboration with the cinematographer Tudor Panduru, and started her collaboration as a curator with Bucharest 2021. More about Simona’s projects on

* For the experimentation module, we will provide a Canon 5D Mark II camera, complete with objectives and 2 GO PROs. 

The ART Your STEP Collection (by Corina Cimpoieru)

     „ is by means of the body that space is perceived, lived and produced” (Henri Lefebre)

The UP STAIRS project brings together the sensory perceptions and performative emotions of dance artists and choreographers from the experimental film UP STAIRS, the daring forays of urban explorers, the anthropologists’ stories about the social biography of the micro-universe of the block of flats from communism to the present day, the creative and courageous street art initiatives of plastic artists and the astonishing research done by architects on the contribution and influence of choreography on architecture and the architectural possibilities in performative arts.

The ART your STEP Collection has been devised and assembled as a collage of short performative stories about the symbiotic and symbolic relationship between space and body. From the “simulacrum of movement”, sought after and represented by Marcel Duchamp in “Nude Descending a Staircase,” to the unprecedented choreographies designed by Trisha Brown, Pina Baush, Sasha Waltz or Naomy Lafrance and to the cinematic beauty of the choreography of seduction in the stair scene of “In The Mood For Love” (Wong Kar-Wai) – to name just a few examples –, the ART Your STEP Collection captures in a kaleidoscopic frame the alternative perceptions of the staircase, symbolically revisited and reinvented where and when movement and space meet in complicity, through microscopic sensorial gestures which not only “occupy” space, but also “produce” it.  

Up Stairs (experimental screening and Q&A)

The short film UP STAIRS is an experimental dance movie which makes use of the staircase as a performative pretext and symbol of the public/utilitarian space, reinterpreted and recreated through interaction with the body, personal senses and filters.

Devised by six Romanian contemporary dance performers, the film’s metaphorical composition presents a deconstructive and reconstructive process of space meeting the body: from dark to light, from monument to ruin, from the green, alive and natural to technology. Five performers interact with one space/staircase by means of their senses and movements. Each staircase has its own pre-set trajectory: the stair of confinement – the monument stair – the ruin stair – the nature overridden stair – the technology stair. The sixth performer brings together the 5 spaces/staircases to emphasize the possibility of cooperation, but also the opportunities of different and diverse connection to the architectural environment (permanent and artificial). He creates a unifying path which brings out different interpretations and reactions to the other staircases.

Thus, UP STAIRS proposes a new visual approach for the need to understand in different ways the nature of space, body and their relationship.


Schedule of CNDB’s shows in the UR.BASM festival:         

Wednesday, November 30th

Upstairs – Performative stories about the space-body relationship   02.00 - 06.00 p.m.

Performance – Quartet for A Microphone                07.30 - 08.00 p.m.

Thursday, December 1st         

Workshop - Power to the People                       04.00 - 06.00 p.m.

Workshop – EVERYTHING FOR ENDORPHINS  07.00 - 09.00 p.m.

Friday, December 2nd   

Dance classes - Drop In             12.00 - 06.00 p.m.

Performance – Drive-by Duet        07.30 - 08.30 p.m.