Thu 01.12.2016    19:00    map


thursday, 1st of December 2016

7.00 p.m. – 9.00 p.m. 


For one hour and a half, we will engage in more and less intense physical exercise, we will move around energetically, awaken our senses, actively connecting with our own bodies, dance explosively and give it all for endorphins! For tonus and perspiration, for sensations that come down in waves, for dance for the sake of the dance and, of course, for happy, healthy immunity systems, let us rock the floor!”  (Mihaela Dancs)


EVERYTHING FOR ENDORPHINS, a format started by the choreograph Mihaela Dancs, is a session of “contemporary cardio”, a crossover between standard cardio workouts in fitness and contemporary dance classes, stimulating not only the physicality and sweat glands of participants, but also their creativity, through improvisation exercises, physical practices in contemporary dance, hip-hop, voguing etc. All for maximum efficiency in the quest for “endorphinization”. 


These sessions are aimed at those interested in dance and movement. The endorphins are substances akin to morphine which are produced by our central nervous system and the pituitary gland. Beside the analgesic effect and the feel good sensation that they give, endorphins are also natural modulators of the immune system.