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Out of fascination for lively movement, for the exercises that awaken the body to life and make it move without constraints, we have created a workshop consisting in five sessions of two hours each, in which to explore the impulse which creates and feeds movement. Our goal is to get to enjoy moving in a very complex way through a mix of body energy-boosting exercises and body awareness techniques; on the one hand, we feel the joy of the surge we experience in movement, on the other hand, we become more and more conscious of the body’s every sensation, of everything which we consciously build with our movements.    

We will use both improvisation exercises and choreographic techniques. In our exploration, we shall make use of several methods which help us concentrate on ourselves and on personal sensations; then, we shall tackle group exercises in which we will interact in different ways with our partners and discover how to stimulate that impulse of energy the other’s presence can offer us. We shall employ exercises inspired from several contemporary dance techniques, such as: the Flying Low Technique, Axis Syllabus, Contact Improvisation etc. 

The program is aimed at people who want to find out how to awaken their energy and use it to “build up” the space which they inhabit, who have a desire to jump, run, “fly”, people who want to taste the enthusiasm that they can discover in their own body.

Short bio: CRISTINA LILIENFELD has read choreography and psychology, always being in search of that crossover between the two disciplines. In the last years, she has collaborated and continues to work with different dance artists and choreographers, but also with visual artists and musicians in different interdisciplinary artistic groups. Her performances “Lay(ers), “Nu toti sunt eroi (Not All Are Heroes)” and many other dance acts are hosted in different Bucharest venues and all over Romania and abroad. In all her artistic endeavours and contemporary dance workshops, Cristina wants to highlight the authentic element of every situation that she finds herself in.   


THE DANCE STUDIO of the National Centre of Dance in Bucharest presents the 2016 program of contemporary dance classes for unprofessional adults in the form of intensive workshops played out during 5 days, each of them focusing on a different theme and employing a different perspective on dance and movement.

February 08th-12th  – Andreea Belu
February 22nd-26th – Eduard Gabia
March 07th-11th – Vava Ştefănescu
March 21st-25th – Carmen Coţofană
April 04th-08th – Mihaela Dancs
April 18th-22nd – Cristina Lilienfeld
May 09th-13th – Momo Sanno
May 16th-20th – Andreea Novac
June 06th-10th – Florin Flueraş
June 20th-24th – Paul Dunca