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Spherical Dialogue - Contact Improvisation workshop

Hosted by Cristina Lilienfeld

December 2, Friday: 
19-21:30 class 

December 3, Saturday: 
10:30-13:00 class
13:00-14:30 lunch break
14:30-17:30 class
17:30-19:00 dinner break
19:00-21:00 open jam session 

December 4, Sunday: 
10:30-13:00 class
13:00-14:30 lunch break
14:30-17:30 class


”I'm thinking of my body as a combination of spheres and rays. Pelvis, heart and chest, head are the three spheres that create my core sistem, all lined up one on top of the other, surrounding my spine and supported by it. 
Each one has its particular motion and energy, defining specific parts of both energetical and phisical body. 
Arms and legs are the rays that project the spherical movement from my kinesphere to a wider space. How can I deliver my intention from the core to the periphers and dance it into the space?
The spine, as a soft and supportive string of pearls connecting the spheres, will open the possibility of an organic movement, where all the elements create a unique dialogue. 
There, I will meet my dance partners.”
Elisa Ghion


The cost is 250 lei and you can subscribe at

I am a ContactImprov dancer and teacher based in Milano, Italy
I've always had the need to keep my body moving in order to feel alive.
This brought me to various practice like athletic discpline such as gymnastic, acrobatics, softball, juggling, contemporary dance, and eventually Contact Improv.
It was 2005. Since then CI turned to be the main focus of my life.
I've been teached in several parts of the world: USA, Brazil, Israel, Mroocco (Sahara desert) and Italy, where I teach regularly since 2010.
I'm deeply interested in searching for the essence of the movement, asking what is the primal principle underneath it, how to reach it and from there, let the dance unfold.
My teaching is a combination of analytic, emotional and physical approach to the movement, stirred up whit playfulness and curiousity. Not knowing where the improvisation may lead me, makes me feel alive.