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March 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th– 07.00 – 09.00 p.m.

“Our body” is a workshops which invites you to get acquainted with contemporary dance. It focuses on the connection between thought, body, space and time. Participants are encouraged to explore the fluctuations of such parameters, to which we refer with the simple term of movement. Its main aim is to understand the mechanisms which govern the functioning of the body, concentrating on breathing, posture, muscular tension release, coordination and also emotional state. The different methods of training that we will make use of bear influences from the Cunningham or Release techniques, a first step towards examining our own bodies and experiences, generating a favourable and positive environment to express and develop body abilities. We will construct interior and exterior space by exploring our imaginations, stimulating creativity and learning to see movement as a knowledge intercessor.    

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Carmen Coţofană is a freelance artist, who has studied ballet at the “Octavian Stroia” high school in Cluj Napoca and choreography at the I.L. Caragiale Theatre and Cinematography University in Bucharest. Starting with 1999, she has participated in different performative and choreographic projects which have been presented in national and international festivals, has studied body techniques and movement principles during different fellowships and professional workshops, has produced her own performances, collaborated in theatre projects and developed her teaching skills working in the academic milieu. Today, she continues to question each fleeting present moment.   
THE DANCE STUDIO of the National Centre of Dance in Bucharest presents the 2016 program of contemporary dance classes for unprofessional adults in the form of intensive workshops played out during 5 days, each of them focusing on a different theme and employing a different perspective on dance and movement.

08th-12th February – Andreea Belu
22nd-26th February – Eduard Gabia
07th-11th March – Vava Ştefănescu
21st-25th March – Carmen Coţofană
04th-08th April – Mihaela Dancs
18th-22nd April – Cristina Lilienfeld
09th-13th May – Momo Sanno
16th-20th May – Andreea Novac
06th-10th June – Florin Flueraş
20th-24th June– Paul Dunca

• 280 lei/ 1 workshop/ 5 classes + 1 bonus CNDB performance with reduced fare;
• 500 lei/ 2 workshops/10 classes + 2 bonus CNDB performances with reduced fare;
• 750 lei/ 3 workshops/ 15 classes + 3 bonus CNDB performances with reduced fare;
• 1000 lei/ 4 workshops/20 classes + 1 free CNDB show.

The price for one class is 60 lei.