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News from Polska - workshop „New Breed Tournament” cu Zuzanna Ratajczyk și Eoghan Ryan

April 1-2 2017 (Saturday and Sunday),  ora 15.00-17.30

A workshop based on the ideas and concepts behind the Daughters of Lust performance.

Over the course of 2 days, the workshops will address perpetual adolescence as a mode of societal refusal. Through both conversation, source material and practice, we will create an intense group dynamic, outside of any associative time and place. Please wear comfortable training shoes and be prepared for physical activity and loud music.


Zuzanna Ratajczyk (b.Warsaw, 1989) is based in Berlin. Works with choreography and expanded performance, after studying “Dance, Context and Choreography” at HZT/Udk, Berlin and Contemporary Dance at ABPU in Linz. Her recent piece “Daughters of Lust” was being shown at Veem House for Performance in Amsterdam, and at KEM project space in Warsaw. Her previous works “Afternoon” and “Pureness” were both shown in multiple locations in Berlin, Warsaw and Paris, including Import Projects gallery, Yvonne Lambert gallery, Flutgraben, Studio Theatre, Uferstudios, Le Theatre du Fil de l’Eau. She teaches workshops based on her movement practice and artistic research that are drawing from the projects she is working on, they have taken place at Performing Arts Forum, St.Erme, FR as well as in Berlin, Uferstudios and Paris, during Camping festival in CND. She is currently co-curating ‘Plural Melts’, an intermittent events series at Yvonne Lambert, Berlin.


Eoghan Ryan (b. Dublin, 1987) based between London and Berlin. He works with moving-image, installation, text and performance. In 2015, he contributed to shows at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, NewShelterPlan, Copenhagen, Ellis King, Dublin and Kim? Contemporary, Riga, amongst others. He also received the inaugural Critical Forum award at Plastik Moving Image Festival with LUX, TBGS and the IFI. Recent projects include a solo exhibition at Rowing, London, Outpost Open Film Selected by Ed Atkins and performance events at Chisenhale Dance and Cubitt gallery, London. He is currently co-curating ‘Plural Melts’, an intermittent events series at Yvonne Lambert, Berlin.


You can sign up for the workshop through an email sent to (a maximum of 20 participants). Entrance is free of charge.