Mon 21.09.2015    19:00

Masterclass "From Exercise to Your Own Dance.” – Andreea Belu (choreographer)

The six classes will enhance your body language with basic elements of contemporary dance (positioning, breathing, orientation in space). During the classes we will use Pilates and Yoga exercises, Contact Improvisation and we will observe how the body evolves from exercising a technique to performing its own dance. While working together, we will focus on basic movement principles – movement clarity and orientation, body control and release, changing of the body’s center of mass upon jumping and touch down. We will experiment with the effects of the techniques that are applied in pre-established movements, improvisation exercises, in pairs or solos. The classes are intended for experienced or unexperienced people, who wish to explore more closely the basic technical skills from contemporary dance.
Andreea Belu is a graduate of the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences within University of Bucharest and of the Theatre Faculty, Choreography Section within U.N.A.T.C “I.L.Caragiale” from Bucharest. She also has a Master degree conferred by the same faculty. She has been teaching contemporary dance, Contact Improvisation, Pilates and Yoga for more than 8 years. She conceives and implements social projects regarding visibility and solving of social problems (discrimination) by means of artistic methods, working as a volunteer within the Roots&Routes International Network.