Mon 20.03.2017    19:00    map

LIKE//Laboratory for Common Practices

Producer: CNDB
Facilitated by: Nicoleta Enache, Andreea Novac, Cristian Nanculescu, Renate Dinu & Andreea David

Starting with an attempt to investigate the terminology used in the construction of a show (structure, choreography, improvisation, theme, score, concept, performative parameters etc), we were interested in further exploring the methods of writing it using so-called "scores" (dance, performance, actions, improvisation).

In this laboratory, we and the participants will test methods of "score" writing and, on that basis, we'll compose and generate performative material in real time.

The Laboratory for Common Practices is a system for working and experimenting initiated by artists active within the contemporary dance scene in Bucharest, a meeting place where processes, choreographic or performative practices and solo or group work methodologies are shared, explored, debated and developed together.

Free entrance.