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The class aims to acquaint children with the world of contemporary dance, a territory for discoveries and continual development, in which limits are constantly redefined, a world of courage where we learn how strong and flexible we are.
The class will tackle notions of motor skills, balance, understanding physical principles that help us, fall, jump, pivot and move with pleasure and ease.  We will work with both fixed structures that contain fundamental principles for the development of motor intelligence and memory, as well as improvisations meant to develop courage, creativity and the knack for exploring.
Movement is the most accessible component of an individual. The way we walk, sit or watch contains in itself an infinite wealth of information about our past, present and potential. By embodying certain intelligent motor schemes, we free ourselves from negative tensions, emotions and thoughts. In a world where we are bombarded with prefab ideas and images, our body is a living archive and the only honest guide for moving forward. Feeling good in your skin starts with knowing and controlling your body. Freedom of movement means a fluid and creative way of thinking.

Alexandra Bălășoiu is a performer/choreographer working in Bucharest, with experience in conceiving and implementing cultural projects. Since 2016, she has been coordinating the Indie Box initiative, undertaking the planning and implementing of the main projects developed on this platform: Flowprints (2016-2018), Earsight (2017), Singing Bodies (2018), The Voice Laboratory (2018), I Am You (2019). She graduated in 2014 from the Choreography section of the University of Theatre and Film ”I.L. Caragiale” Bucharest, under the tutelage of prof. dr. Raluca Ianegic. In 2013, she presented 1-1 in the Explore Dance Festival, within the RO Platform, while in 2015 she was selected by 4Culture for a Wild Card in the frame of Life Long Burning, and she was included in the ex.e.r.ce MA program at CNDC Montpellier. Since 2013, she has been a part of the TANGAJ DANCE collective, coordinated by Simona Deaconescu, taking part in the productions “0001 | Fabrica de Vise”, “0002 | Birdville”, COUNTERBODY, a museum (theater) and the dance film”Silent Places”. As a performer, she has worked with Andreea Belu, Alexandra Girbea, Cristina Lilienfeld, Valentina De Piante and Anne Dubois. In 2017, she worked with Valentina de Piante on the educational project and she's a part of the creative team for the circus show ”Reveria”, at the State Metropolitan Circus, where she returned in 2018 for choreographing the musical “București, Je T’aime”. Since 2014, she has been regularly conducting contemporary dance classes for beginners and advanced students, together with Simona Deaconescu and Denis Bolborea.

Eva Danciu:
My name is Eva Danciu, I am 22 years old and I am an actress and classical and contemporary dancer. I graduated from the choreography high school CNA Ion Vidu Timișoara, then I worked as a ballerina for the National Romanian Opera in Timișoara for 4 years, while also studying theatre at the Music and Theatre University. I collaborated with the National Theatre in Timișoara, the German State Theatre, the Merlin Theatre for kids and youth, and the Jewish State Theatre, on theatrical productions, musicals and theatre-dance shows. I've been dancing since forever and I want to share the joy of movement with little ones who start exploring their corporeality.

Subscription: 300 lei / module / 5 classes

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