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Contemporary Dance Masterclass Gigi Căciuleanu

Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday, 28, 29, 30.03 / 19h00 – 21h00, CNDB, “Stere Popescu” Hall


The master class is designed for one level only and is addressed to both intermediate and advanced students, as it aims to open the movement horizon to those passionate about it. The participants will be introduced to Gigi Căciuleanu’s signature, with an emphasis on the artist’s contemporary dance technique, governed by the playfulness of the body forces and by the study of the course and inclinations of an individual in a “state of dance.” The teaching and artistic research conducted by Gigi Căciuleanu focuses on the ways in which invisible energies are turned into the visible volumes of the body, through “dance vectors”.

Trainer: Gigi Căciuleanu


Gigi Căciuleanu is a dancer, choreographer, author and teacher. He graduated the Choreography Secondary School in Bucharest and later practised avant-guard dance with Miriam Răducanu. In 1973 he was the educator and choreographer at the Folkwang Ballet (director: Pina Bausch), then teacher at the International Dance Centre “Rosela Haightower” at the Cannes. In 1974 he was appointed Director of the “Grand Théâtre de Nancy” Ballet. In 1978 he sets up and leads for 15 years one of the first dance studios in France, The National Rennes Choreography Centre, together with his artistic collaborator, the actor and director Dan Mastacan. In 1993 he sets up in Paris, together with Dan Mastacan, The “Gigi Caciuleanu” Company. Between 2001 and 2013 he worked as the main choreographer and artistic director of the National Ballet from Santiago de Chile. In 2007, the Company” Gigi Caciuleanu Romania Dance Company” is launched in Bucharest under the patronage of the “Art Production” Foundation and has since danced with this company in Romania and abroad.