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Choreographer: Simona Paraschivu

Module I: 13.02 – 6.03.2017

Module II: 20.03 – 10.04.2017

Module III: 8.05 – 29.05.2017

Every Monday, between 5.30p.m. and 6.30p.m. 

We play and improvise in order to discover the human body, to create and tell stories.

We explore and come up with new ideas in an artistic environment, with a strong bent on sensations.

Through games and movement exercises, kids will freely express their imagination, becoming themselves creative personal accomplishments. Contemporary dance is an ideal form to educate the child in movement and spatial orientation.

Inhibition and self-censure are not present during childhood, making it the most appropriate moment to be creative, to dance, to shape and educate our body and soul for the discipline of free dance.    


Simona Paraschivu is a choreographer, dance artist and ballet and contemporary dance teacher at the “Floria Capsali” Choreography High School. She graduated from “Floria Capsali” Choreography High School herself and, later, from U.N.A.T.C, specialising in choreography. She also earned her Master’s degree in Choreography from the same institution. She has participated in several contemporary dance workshops, such as “Butoh Technique”, “Martha Graham Technique” with Ivonne Ramos or the one organised by Gerardo Massimo. She danced in the following performances: “...And Juliet”, “Asediații liberi (The Free Sieged)” and “Poveste fără nume (Story Without Title)”, directed and choreographed all by Amalia Strinopoulu; „Orpheus and Eurydice”, directed by Alexandru Darie; „Exil în pământul uitării (Exile In The Land of Oblivion)”, directed and choreographed by Andreea Tănăsescu; different flamenco dance shows; “Spanish and Mexican Traditional Folk”, directed and choreographed by Ivonne Ramos. She has directed and choreographed “Așteptarea (The Wait)”and “The Living”. She signed the choreography for “Despre bărbați și femei (About Men and Women)”, directed by Sorin Cocis and, along with Doina Georgescu, for “Reenacting Lizica Codreanu”.


Admission fee for one module is 180 lei and for all three modules is 500 lei. 

The fee can be paid on site, either in full at the course’s beginning.

The fee for one session is 50 lei. 

If brothers sign up, one of them will benefit from a 30 lei reduced fee pass.

The fee can be paid on site, either in full at the course’s beginning.

The fee for one session is 50 lei. 

If brothers sign up, one of them will benefit from a 30 lei reduced fee pass.

All sessions are due to take place at our main location in Mărășești Boulevard 80-82 (the Stere Popescu Hall).

For signing up and further details, please email us at [email protected] or phone 0729 902 506 (Ana Papadima, Artistic Consultant).

You can find out more details about the programs of the National Centre of Dance in Bucharest on our site and Facebook page. 


The contemporary dance courses for children that the National Centre of Dance has organized for the past 4 years resume this fall.

They guide the youngsters in their exploration of the basics of contemporary dance.

Classes are meant to engage children in creative movement activities, which help develop physical, rhythmic and coordination abilities, stimulating decision-making and expression other than verbal. They encourage participants both to individually express themselves, and to coordinate and collaborate with others through group activities.

The course is devised so that it facilitates the understanding of contemporary dance principles through creative exercises which develop the ability to communicate, the flexibility and coordination of the children involved. The present module will play out during 8 weekly meetings and will feature a final performance on behalf of the children under the supervision of the choreographer.