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Choreographer: Catrinel Catană

Module I: 14.02 – 7.03.2017

Module II: 2.03 – 11.04.2017

Module III: 9.05 – 30.05.2017

Every Tuesday, between 05:30-06:30 p.m.


The world of children meets with that of dance: imagination, movement, play and joy of living. By getting to know our body and discovering its elasticity, we shall set out together in the world of dance. We approach the universe of movement by imitating others, the sounds that we hear, the songs and stories that we like best, the elements and colours we see in nature. The most important thing is play; we play around, we play by dancing and moving harmoniously. We invent things, we learn how to enjoy movement in our own way, how to communicate differently. We are attentive at whatever happens around us and cultivate sincere reactions.    


Catrinel Catană is a choreographer and dance teacher. She organizes dance classes and workshops for children in kindergartens, schools and under the umbrella of nongovernmental organizations because she deeply understands and deciphers the preeminence of movement and play in their lives.

Catrinel has graduated from the “I.L. Caragiale” Theatre and Cinema Art University, specializing in choreography. She earned her Master’s degree in Choreographic Art from the same institution. Starting with 2007, she has participated in contemporary dance and choreographic-playwright workshops. Over the years, she has collaborated with Andreea Novac, Mikos Konstantin, Cosmin Manolescu, Andreea Belu, Timea Kovacs.  

In 2010, she had a short choreographic performance named “Marți (Tuesday)” in the 5th edition of the “Explore Dance Festival” - Meet the next generation. În 2012, in the 7th edition of the “Explore Dance Festival", she played “Absolute Fall”, a performance made possible with the help of J'ardin d'Europe.

In 2013 she collaborated with a folklore dance teacher to make “Dansuri de nuntă de la Conţeşti: interpretări moderne şi tradiţionale (Wedding dances from Conţeşti: modern and traditional interpretations)”, a performance made possible with the help of the “Sintagma” Centre of Education and Formation.

In July 2014, she presented, together with Alessio Cavalucci and Cristian Mastroianni, the installation-performance “Te pup MKSUV (Kiss You MSUV) at the Vojvodina Contemporary Art Museum in Novi Sad, as part of the FACK MSUV project.

In 2014, she participated at the Gala of Disabled Persons as a performer and, in 2015, as a performer and choreographer, with the short performance “Ability and Sensibility”.

In 2015, she joined a team of psychotherapists, with whom she has set up a body development group.

In 2016, she has organized contemporary dance workshops for adolescents in the Learnity community, where she advocates for the encounter with a conscious and intelligent body. 

In July 2016, she collaborated with the “Up Stairs” team for the experimental film “Up Stairs”, which traces the relationship between body and space. The film launched on October 25th, 2016.

Currently, she pursuing a Master’s degree in “Medical gymnastics and special mobility” at the Sports and Physical Education Faculty. She is always interested in mapping body emotions and exploring the therapeutic dimension of dance and body expressivity. 


Admission fee for one module is 180 lei and for all three modules is 500 lei. 

The fee can be paid on site, either in full at the course’s beginning.

The fee for one session is 50 lei. 

If brothers sign up, one of them will benefit from a 30lei reduced fee pass.

All sessions are due to take place at our main location in Mărășești Boulevard 80-82 (the Stere Popescu Hall).

For signing up and further details, please email us at cursuri@cndb.ro or phone 0729 902 506 (Ana Papadima, Artistic Consultant).

You can find out more details about the programs of the National Centre of Dance in Bucharest on our site and Facebook page. 


The contemporary dance courses for children that the National Centre of Dance has organized for the past 4 years resume this fall.

They guide the youngsters in their exploration of the basics of contemporary dance.

Classes are meant to engage children in creative movement activities, which help develop physical, rhythmic and coordination abilities, stimulating decision-making and expression other than verbal. They encourage participants both to individually express themselves, and to coordinate and collaborate with others through group activities.

The course is devised so that it facilitates the understanding of contemporary dance principles through creative exercises which develop the ability to communicate, the flexibility and coordination of the children involved. The present module will play out during 8 weekly meetings and will feature a final performance on behalf of the children under the supervision of the choreographer.