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Body. Movement. Dance. - Contemporary dance workshop with Momo Sanno

Monday-Friday 19:00-21:00

Fee: 280 Lei/ Workshop/ 5 meetings

During the dance workshop we will start with the natural movements of the body which we will twist, extend, tense so as to create our own powerful, genuine, organic dance for the body to feel confident, strong, fluid and for us to be able to understand the movement and interpret and express it as freely as possible.

Momo Sanno graduated the “Floria Capsali” Choreography Secondary School in Bucharest and continued his studies at the John Cranko Dance Academy in Stuttgart, where he was a member of the Garth Fagan Dance Company with which he danced on stages from Germany, Norway, U.S.A., and others.

His desire to develop his own style and study various dance techniques took him on journeys to Brazil, Haiti, Jamaica, U.S.A. and Europe where he has worked as a dancer, choreographer and co-producer.


THE DANCE STUDIO of the National Dance Centre of Bucharest presents the 2016 contemporary dance classes programme for adults (non-professionals) organised as intensive workshops taking place for a period of 5 days. Each workshop focuses on a different topic and perspective on dance and movement.

08-12 February – Andreea Belu
22-26 February – Eduard Gabia
07-11 March – Vava Ştefănescu
21-25 March – Carmen Coţofană
04-08 April – Mihaela Dancs
18-22 April – Cristina Lilienfeld
09-13 May – Momo Sanno
16-20 May – Andreea Novac
06-10 June – Florin Flueraş
20-24 June – Paul Duncă