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Atelier intensiv Mihaela Dancs

"We improvise. 

We throw ourselves in dance without knowing what to make out of it, without knowing what it looks or feels like, what it transmits, how it is perceived, what it really means and, if anything, if it means something. We discover and understand dance while we dance it. In search of new physical ways of expressing ourselves, we blow up the functioning patterns and entrenched mechanisms of movement production. “Not knowing” engineers the search and provides a work instrument.

Of what is the present moment made of? A vast array of data and numerous points of view inform the present moment. How does the multiple focus on this multitude of information help us generate dance? What does immediate reality mean and how do we integrate it to feed and endlessly change dance?

I encourage you to bring to the workshop your personal interests, questions and preoccupations pertaining to movement and dance, while, besides all the above mentioned, I will suggest we also work with what has not ceased to draw my attention in these last years: exhaustion as a source of energetic regeneration, energy as a means of communicating, kinaesthesia and visual musicality.

During the 5 days of the workshop we will be accompanied by some of my obsessions: attention to detail, clarity, simplicity, agency and intensity.

This workshop is especially addressed to those of you who have attended other contemporary dance classes and maybe want to perform in front of a public.” Dancs     

Mihaela Dancs (b.1974, Bucharest, Romania) dances in theatre halls, apartments, attics, art galleries, churches, dance studios, museums and on the streets of Bucharest, London, Timişoara, Venice, Prague, New York, Cluj, Vienna, Stockholm or Tokyo. She works, among others, with Mădălina Dan, Carmen Coțofană, Paul Dunca, Vava Ștefănescu, Rui Catalao, Cosmin Manolescu and Doris Uhlich. For some years now, she has dedicated to surf the same amount of passion she pours into dance. Most probably, the two will overlap at some point. If they haven’t already.



THE DANCE STUDIO of the National Centre of Dance in Bucharest presents the 2016 program of contemporary dance classes for unprofessional adults in the form of intensive workshops played out during 5 days, each of them focusing on a different theme and employing a different perspective on dance and movement.

8th -12th February – Andreea Belu
22nd-26th February – Eduard Gabia
07th-11th March – Vava Ştefănescu
21st-25th March – Carmen Coţofană
04th-08th April – Mihaela Dancs
18th-22nd April – Cristina Lilienfeld
09th-13th May – Momo Sanno
16th-20th May – Andreea Novac
06th-10th June – Florin Flueraş
20th-24th June – Paul Dunca 

• 280 lei/ 1 workshop/ 5 classes + 1 bonus CNDB performance with reduced fare;
• 500 lei/ 2 workshops/10 classes + 2 bonus CNDB performances with reduced fare;
• 750 lei/ 3 workshops/ 15 classes + 3 bonus CNDB performances with reduced fare;
• 1000 lei/ 4 workshops/20 classes + 1 free CNDB show.

The price for one class is 60 lei.