Mon 28.06.2010    07:00

World wide / Ana Duţia >> opening Monday, June 28th, 19h00, 3rd floor

In an era of communication, in a world where interpersonal interaction is dictated by social rules, one’s submission to these necessities of adaptation is essential.
This exhibition proposes such a relation with ever-changing situations, with different people who, at some point, intertwine with our existence.
The estrangement from an already familiar environment or its continuous change, inevitable actions in an era of speed and mobility, can end up in distress and inadaptation.
The means of surpassing these states is knowledge, their transformation into a game of communication, while the essential role played by the artist becomes that of detective, investigator and, finally, creator.
The project thus acquires a cathartic function, which consists exactly in its ability to recognize the potential of chance and to speculate the situations which could take the shape of artistic representation.
Therefore, I propose some works based on personal experiences, on situations in which I found myself at some point and on speculating these situations.
All these projects depend directly on human relations and on communicating with various subjects chosen for the artistic representation. The contact with the participants was virtual in the case of 16 January 2009 00:00 GMT, direct in Diario de Mexico, Luci in Italy, and indirect in Hitchhike, where the participants were the drivers who stopped to receive the explanation of the action.