Sun 08.11.2009    06:00

trenSformers – Presentation / Film-Doc >> Sunday, November 8th, 18:00h, Mediatheque

trenSformers is a project that investigates and intervenes artistically in trains and train stations. The first interventions took place in August 2009, on the Cluj-Bucharest route. trenSformers attempts to discover, actively and creatively, the regional differences and to challenge the mechanisms of social perception.

worked as a spontaneous intervention and creative work together with the people travelling at that moment on the accelerat and personal trains. The main directions were: interview, sound, smell, visual and object exchange. With this actions, the team wished to expand the idea of travelling by train, the communication and exchange between the train journeyers and their personal creativity.

trenSformers is a tangaProject initiative, free and independent.
The 2009 trenSformers team was built out of the artists Paul Dunca, Zoe Olaru, Ioana Păun, Paul Dunca, Constantin Vică, Kevin Molin, the Veioza Arte team (Andrei Ioniţă and Tania Cucoreanu) and by the blogers Matei Schwartz, Miron Ghiu and Andra Matzal.

This project was supported by CFR Călători S.A and Scot&Company Consulting.
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