Thu 22.09.2016    08:00

Together, Dance and Coreography

This is not only about dance, it is also about choreography. Because contemporary dance is now much more than just dance. It is choreographing the world we live in – bringing “living” bodies into line or into opposition, and constantly reinterpreting them.

It is a biennale because it aims to have a different magnitude than the current seasons and festivals, and the time in between editions will be dedicated to collaborations and co-productions.

It is initiated by the National Center for Dance Bucharest (CNDB), because CNDB is the only national public institution dedicated to contemporary dance in Central and Eastern Europe. And it is regional since the contemporary dance, as well as the choreography, from this side of Europe has reached a moment when it needs to explore its present and its origins, its current challenges and languages, the existential and institutional gaps during the communist decades and its present artistic legitimacy.

A biennale like searching for one’s self.

The 2016 edition of the the Regional Choreography Biennale is a pilot one, and it is primarily a reunion: between audience, artists and the-new-but-also-familiar types of choreography coming from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, and Romania; between the local scene and the Eastern European producers and artists, between theorists and practicians.

During this one week encounter we intend to tell and exchange stories: about archives and bodily evanescence, about how and where contemporary choreography was born, about the group and the individual, public space and performative space, about what it means to perform contemporary dance and what to it means to watch it. It will be a biennale where we'll experience choreographying a “togetherness”.

Iulia Popovici

Co-Curator of Regional Choreography Biennale, along with Marta Keil and Goran Injac

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