Thu 12.05.2011    09:00

SILENCE SUITE IN 2 MOVEMENTS - photographs by Roger Regner >> opening Thursday, May 12th, 21h00, Atelierul de Producție

In this exhibition of performance photographs by Roger Regner (1968 in Goiania, Brazil; lives and works in New York, USA) the documental and fictional aspects of the photographs are intertwined and its frontiers blurred, creating both a documentation of Cristiane Bouger’s process of work making and an independent perspective on her performance proposal.

The image treatment and craft given by the artist to the exhibition at Atelierul de Producție reflects a dialogue with the architecture of the space and with the dissonance of Bouger’s performance narrative. With a rough, punk influenced craft on the materiality of the photographs, Regner creates a statement of his own and an eloquent resonance of the work portrayed.

The photographs’ sessions took place in 2007 during the filmmaking process of Cristiane Bouger’s video performances Closer and The Fourth Season, which will be screened during this exhibition starting May 15th. Regner signed the direction of photography of the videos.

Roger Regner combines drawing, painting, photography, collage and installation. His works are done mostly on canvas and acetate, glass, film, paper and wood are often used as well. His production comprises nearly 30 years of work with a vast range of styles, coming to the public eye in Brazil only in 2005, when Regner decided to showcase his work for the first time.

As stated by the artist, “my work is the product of an unrealistic challenge. I intend to translate what is ethereal and materialize it. I try to enter universes that exist beyond matter and turn them into something palpable, even if it all originates in the imaginary. I try to portray sound waves, like the ones in music, or the invisible footprints of the wind. Knowing this to be an impossible task, I call it under construction. It will always be a never-ending effort, limitless as the spiritual radiation I feel in the creatures and subjects I try to portray.”

:: project supported by The Romanian Cultural Institute, The Romanian Cultural Institute New York, Atelierul de Producție ::

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Atelierul de Producție is at 160, Splaiul Unirii (near Timpuri Noi)