Sat 29.05.2010    07:00

Sâmbăta Sonoră >> May 29th, 18h00, at the Cantacuzino Palace

Sambata sonora invites INA-GRM (National Institute for the Audiovisual - Musical Research Group/France)

Audition of concrete/electronic/electroacoustic/acousmatic music*

Selection by Christian Zanesi, composer and head of GRM. GRM is the first studio -1951 - dedicated to music created out of non-instrumental sounds. The electroacoustic environment can be described as one of last century's greatest developments in music, because it brings together the overall sources of sound under the direct control of the composer.

*for an explanation of these terms:

the session will take place at the George Enescu Museum (Cantacuzino Palace), 141 Victoriei

Sponsors: Roy&Dâmboviceanu / Corcova Vineyard and Buni Best Food (