Sat 15.05.2010    07:00

Sâmbăta Sonoră >> May 15th, 19.00h, Round Hall

sound ecology

(the session begins at 7 pm with the listening of the pieces from the Escucha Bucureşti call for projects, and goes on at 8 pm with the Micro Territories playlist)

Sound ecology does not have a Wikipedia entry. The word beats the book, and nature beats art, doesn’t it? A hint: the symbiosis between soundscape (which has an entry) and acoustic ecology.
Before any definitions, we intend to represent some practices made out of field recording techniques, that is people with recording studios on the go and their plans to save with the push of the "rec" button natural, mineral or organic acoustic phenomena, in situ and in real time, or post-processed, for a theater of the ear as raw as possible. "Before" and "after" are terms which make this a reflexive form of art and, why not, include it in the knowledge valued by human dignity.

Escucha Bucureşti: the call for projects remains open until Saturday and the pieces will be listened to at 7 pm, before the playlist Micro terriories.
The online outcome of the field recording workshop, held by Maria Balabas