Sat 27.03.2010    08:00

Sâmbăta Sonoră >> March 27th, 20.00h, Round Hall

On percussion

Guests: Paul Popescu and Aymeric Hainaux (FR)

Beyond harmony, symmetry and other such notions, the rhythm (or its absence) forces the channeling of the auditory channels towards atonal areas of expression. For all those who beat about the bush, there are musicians as obstinate who appease/excite the beaten instruments. These potential shamans have been questioned about their activity; you will find out their answers (where no further questions are needed) on Saturday. In the end, we will feel the pulse of the public, in a more concrete and live manner than so far.

Paul Popescu, little genius of electronics, invents his own machines, sensitive to light, sound, movement, heat… The “Noiseotron” reacts to the heat of your hands.
The music of Aymeric Hainaux (FR) is mostly breath and voice, vacillating between silence and frictions, rhythms and intense acoustic masses.
The meeting of the two gave birth to the project Cardiofonica, which bears the name of the session about percussion, conceived by Dan Angelescu for this Sâmbăta Sonoră.

The Cardiofonica project is a slow and animalic music which leaves room for improvisation and offers the public the impression of a complete experience.

Raw, poetic and fragile.

Free entrance