Sat 26.02.2011    08:00

Sâmbăta Sonoră >> February 26th, 20h00, Round Hall

Some call it ars acustica. We prefer radio art, meaning acoustic creations broadcast exclusively on radio or an art form that can contain essay, poetry, journalism, composition, innovation, analogue and digital, podcast and transistors, command or piracy.

How is radio art made in the Czech Republic? Michal Rataj, composer and producer at the national Czech radio, will answer that for us.

In the second part, Michal Rataj performs two personal and acousmatic pieces, another kind of "on the air".

For more info, please read: Electroacoustic Music and Selected Concepts of Radio Art, and listen

With the support of the Czech Institute Bucharest
Sponsors: Keean Media and CORCOVA Roy&Dâmboviceanu