Sat 02.04.2011    08:00

Sâmbăta Sonoră >> April 2nd, 20h00, CONTROL CLUB

The Webster's Dictionary entry for drone amplifies this syllable to meanings, objects and actions which are not so much related - or wouldn't be, in the case in which, in a soundproof language philosophy, we skip the resonance this word lends or restores to any of the notions which deserve such a name. From here to the association of drone and music and its representation in the immediate acoustics, we lack only one hyperlink to denounce the meta-sonority (be it ironic or reflexive) of the (a)tuning of drone and drone music in the same tone and in a unique frequency.
Simona Mantralian

Control Club, 19 Academiei Street

Event organised in partnership with Control Club and supported by National Dance Bucharest, Keep on Printing and Corcova Roy&Dâmboviceanu