Sat 24.04.2010    08:00

Sâmbăta Sonoră >> April 24th, 20.00h, Round Hall

Or why should we open cans of Romanian contemporary music at SÂMBĂTA SONORĂ even though we don't understand the tag!

Because music is local par excellence: music is "anything you hear with the intention of listening to music" (definition by Luciano Berio)
Because local contemporary music is made to be consumed like any other form of current music: "we don't have to understand what it is speaking about, because if it had been made to be spoken, then it would have taken the shape of words; [...] just an attention to the activity of sounds" (definition by John Cage)
Because of this and of that, new music in Romania has become in the second half of the 20th century an academic subject, treated with passion, and the scission between the ordinary day-to-day answers and those of the professionals seems normal and acceptable.
Because local music must be understood as a dynamic layer of the social life; by listening to music we can understand how life is changing here and vice versa.