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Revolve Dance Festival

Revolve. The perfect rotation, the sublime harmony of the body submerged in the poetry of movement.

June 19 – 25, 2017, Palatul Universul

Revolve. The first large-scale dance festival organized at the Eastern confluence with the West, dedicated to young people between the ages of 11 and 19 years old who embrace the art of dancing as a future profession.

Our mission is to support, promote and encourage the development of the choreographic art, as well as to identify and offer guidance to authentic talents who were born to be dancers. In this spirit, Revolve also has an exclusive category dedicated to dance teachers and choreographers, a section after which they can obtain a certification and specialized training in teaching techniques for various dance styles.

Therefore, Revolve is more than a festival, it is an environment in which young talents are here to see and to be seen, in which they have the opportunity to meet, work and be measured up by world-wide dance personalities.

Details about the programme and applications here: